Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pieces waiting for the right taker!

Here are some pictures of furniture I have waiting to be redone. Much of is needs repairs so I'm not able to give price quotes off hand, but if you're interested in a piece shoot me an email and I'll take a closer look to give you a quote. I'm more than happy to do a piece just for you!
I have 2 of these colonial style twin bed frames
 I have 4 of these ladder-back chairs. Two of of them need some pretty extensive repairs on the wicker--so I may have to replace the seat.

This lane cedar chest is gorgeous on the inside
This is a matched set of end/side tables.
Another matched set of end/side tables
A Dresser. . .  the first of MANY ;)
Another Dresser
A water fall dresser.
An old secretary--
Adorable display table.  It will have a second platform added at the bottom.
A secretary
Another smallish dresser . . .
** Sold** 

A sweet kitchen table . . .

A Changing table . . .

A large desk . . .
Pennsylvania house table with 4 matching chunky chairs. 
Another Table
A Dresser transformed . . . I will add 4 baskets to it as storage containers. 

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