Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Post on Primer

OK, here's my biggest help to all you fellow furniture lovers . . . don't skip the primer!  I've tried  to use paint+primer combo's, and so far I just haven't been happy with the results.  And just going straight to paint can give you bleed through or sticking problems. 

 See the yellow bleed through on these two pieces? 
 Of course user error is always a factor, I do have a hard time letting things dry as long as they should, I just get SO EXCITED to get to the fun part--distressing and glazing. But it's NOT fun when you start distressing and the paint starts peeling off!  And you have to start all over.

A few primed pieces waiting to get dressed up.

A good sanding and good primer saves so much time in the long run, and definitely gives you  better results in then end. Here's what I use:

If it's bare wood or almost bare I use latex Kilz through my spray gun.

If the paint is in really good shape and not peeling or anything, I just give it a light sanding and use oil-based Kilz in a spray can since I can't use both oil & latex based products in my gun--I don't do this very often, most pieces I get are real antiques that need to be stripped down.

The last part of priming is a light sanding with a fine grit general use sand paper--general use sandpaper has oxide in it which helps to keep the paint from adhering to the sand paper and clogging it up. I like to use something like a 220 here. Give it a quick wipe down and you're on to the next step!

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