Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sanding, sanding, sanding

Ok, so I probably sand more than I need to, but having a touch of OCD in me, I love to get a beautiful finish. Here are a few tips on sanding:

 The bulk of my sanding is done with my little friend Mr. Delta Orbital. I start off with a 50 grit to remove the bulk of the paint or varnish. Then I move to a 120.  If needed I go to 220. Move nice and slow, no pressure, and remember you're not trying to get it perfect with the first grit. Let each grit do it's work.  Also, general use sandpaper is for sanding paint because the oxide in it keeps the paint from clogging the paper. 
My own little invention for curved edges: a small, fluffy paint roller puffy with a quarter sheet of sandpaper wrapped around it. Saves a ton of money since I get a full sheet of sand paper for .59 at my local Ace.  

Again, the poor woman's friend--a little rectangle of wood with a quarter piece of sandpaper for small, flat areas.  You can use adhesive to spray the paper on, but I never bother since I go through these like water. It's pretty important to use a flat block for flat surfaces so you don't end up sanding ridges into the wood with your finger tips--and it really rips up the sandpaper to do it that way anyway.

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  1. I recognize that bookcase! Looking good! :)