Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My latest little baby . . . and a bruised eye

What do I love about what I do?? Finding awesome furniture for a great price!!
 I can't imagine what this set cost new, but I'm sure it was WAY OUT of my
 SAHM/Graduate school husband budget. ;P
It's all solid wood, dove tailed joints, and, get ready . . . 
 the bottom 2 corner drawers on the big dresser are CEDAR!
 So cool. It's like a hope chest and dresser in one!

 Painted a sweet cream white with distressed edges.
Drawer knobs and pulls painted bronzed black.

 I lined the drawers with what I'm lovingly calling the "dead composers" fabric.
 Ya know--Mozart, Bach, Handel . . .   I hope that doesn't ruin it for you . . .I REALLY like this fabric. I went to get it once and it was full price. And well, I'm the queen of never buying anything full price.  Sooo when I went back in this past week and I found it on sale . . . Voila! It was mine.
 And now maybe yours.
 The little side dressers have 3 drawers each.
 The big dresser has 9 drawers---sorta camouflaged by 22 drawer pulls!
 OOOOh, the cedar of it all!

I'm only taking offers for the whole set right now, but if I don't sell it as a set in a week or so I'll consider separating it out. So, don't be afraid to send me a note if you want to be considered for just one piece, k? 

As a set:

Oh, yeah, you're wondering about the bruised eye thing? Dropped a SOLID WOOD WALNUT DESK on my face today. OUCH! But, I'm too tired to go find my camera right now, maybe I'll get you a photo tomorrow.

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  1. Oh this is adorable! I hope the bruise is not that bad, but I am sure it won't slow you down. :)