Monday, June 6, 2011

Finals week . . . and the race is on!

So this week is finals week for my DH so I have to actually be the SAHM I am. ;) 
Of course that doesn't mean I can go a day without a project!!

"Mom" days mean no paint days, because, well if you haven't figured it out already, paint and 4 kids under 5 are NOT a good combination. So today I broke out my new Cricut and worked on my store open/close sign.  I would have loved to have free hand painted this, but I don't free hand paint ANYTHING!  Legible handwriting and me--not so much.

So here's my $5 sign! 
 I used the ends of a flip up table that the previous tenant had left in the yard at the store I'm opening in 18 days.  The table was beyond repair, but the wood was awesome!
The vinyl was $5 after my coupon at Joann's.

A light sand, a bit of a wipe down, and some vinyl letterings. And DONE.
Quick, simple projects. My favorite kind.

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  1. I have just found your blog via Character Corner Creation on FB, I am now following, I am really loving this sign you are very clever....and 4 children under 5 WOW!! It is such a shame you are across the otherside of the world because this is sooOOOOOoooo my kind of thing! good luck with the store opening x x