Monday, August 29, 2011

Lovin' Me Some Baby Blue!!

This little book shelf can be used either standing as is or hanging on the shelf (I think--it looks like it should. :) Painted baby blue with light distressing.


Baby Blue Twin Poster Bed

Yes, this is a girl's bed. Yes,m I painted it blue. So I do not conform to girl=pink, boy=blue very well. Not out of some mission to change society's ideas of gender identification, but simply because I think blue looks cute on girls. Baby Blue & Crystal knobs together . . . Swoon!  Hum, maybe with some pearly accents . . . Even better.

 And because I love any excuse to paint something blue.  Do you have a "color?" Well, mine is blue.  Years ago my hubby & sister-in-law conspired to get me to 'move on' from blue. Did it work . . .  I'm gonna go with a big fat NO. Have you seen my bedroom set??  ;P


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