Saturday, August 20, 2011

Painting Experiment 94 Billion: Painting with Pam

OK, so we know by now that I'm the sort that always has to test and try new things. When I say I can't follow a recipe, it's not because I'm not capable of it, but because I always think I can improve on it somehow!! 

So, I got the odd idea the other day to try spraying a mirror with Pam before I painted to see if the paint would just "slide" off once I was done.  Did it work???  

Pam will prevent paint from sticking to the mirror.

Method:Pam sprayed on the mirror.
Clorox Wipes to clean the Pam off the edges of the wood--where I WANT the paint to stick.
(FYI--I use clorox/lysol/costco type wipes all the time when I paint)

Well, the jury is still out since it took me 5 days to finish the job! By then the Pam had dried, and so the paint didn't slide off the way I had envisioned. But it definitely did come off easier, and I didn't have any razor nicks. 

 Still, I think it might have been faster just to tape. ;)  

FYI2: I used Vaseline to distress--I always do this when I want a two tone effect with bottom color really bright. Probably a post on that coming some day.

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