Saturday, August 27, 2011

Putting it all in perspective

Well, today's post started out like this:

I can either be a Domestic Goddess or a Creative Genius, but I can not in fact be both. While I was out putting together a little photo shoot for a toy storage bench I did for my client's 4 yr old:

  LOOOOVE this vintage fabric. When I got it it still had the Bon Marche .25 tag on it. I threw some Ikea bins in that I had in the basement. (THE BASEMENT. We'll get to that in a second.)  But I'm thinking some wicker one's I have at work would be cuter.  

Well, while I was out doing that,  The Kids were doing this:

Yes, 200 small round balls now cover my house.

That seems like a big deal--because, you know little round balls are like legos & mice.  You can let 1 in your house, but you can't let 2 or they breed and multiply. 

That was before the 4 pm panic call from my hubby to close the store and come home NOW!

I came home to this:
 Back Story? Simple. Kids turned the garden hose on next to the basement window well and Hubby didn't find out until 2-3" of water flooded the entire basement. Luckily we have AMAZING family and friends who came to our rescue and helped drag everything out so we could suck the water out and start drying the carpets and concrete.

 My paint booth was at the deepest part of the water. Thank goodness I didn't have anyone else's furniture here. The sanders were in the water, so we'll see if they boot up again!
 Kids toy room was 2-3" deep with water. I might be ok if some of the battery operated ones don't reboot. ;)
 Oops, I've been outed. Yes, I might have a pathological addiction to buying oops paint. The guys who came to help made comments about my "hoarding paint."
And of course the kids just thought it was all sorts of fun! All those toys they found that had been lost for so long! I see a garage sale coming soon in our future.

On the bright side:  It was 90 degrees and dry today so it should all dry fast. And to really put things in perspective, I have a home to be flooded. I have wonderful family and friends who swooped in an waded through the puddle, and most of all--there are people who lost everything today on the East Coast. A little water on my paint gun is nothing.

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  1. So gorgeous bench, I love vintage fabric:-)
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana