Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Round, Round, Round We Go . . .

Ok, so today was a day filled with little round pedestal tables.  I thought I'd share a bit . . . Just the good parts . . . Susan knows what I'm talking about. ;p Ugh! Inside jokes on a BLOG!  How tacky--don't worry there will be a post to fill you all in someday soon.

Here's a custom order I just finished. I really like the colors and fabric she chose . . . so warm and cozy! 

Oh, wait. Someone hijacked my photos.
but isn't she worth it?
And her art work.

Focus. Focus. Table. Paint.

Back to the table: Like I said--Warm, cozy! Lovin' these tones.

 We stripped and stained the top, clear coated it with poly. On the table base & chairs we used a bright white and lightly distressed it. 

Check out how many different fabrics I found on the seats when I was stripping them.

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  1. It looks really cool now but I hope you are not going to throw away the wonderful needlepoint seats that were under all that fabric. They make great pillows and framed wall art. I love needlepoint.

  2. that table is GORGEOUS!!! i love it- the claw feet are awesome!
    and i had some chairs that had beautiful needlepoint seats once but they smelled so horribly of smoke and nothing i did would fix them. it was sad that they were so ruined!

  3. beautiful.. you did a great job on these items.