Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This is not Ricky or Ronny's dresser any more.

Ok, so I am a total dreamer. When I'm driving down the freeway through the countryside and see an abandoned farm house I just can't help but think about the people that lived there long before any noisy  interstate disrupted their little haven. Ask my husband--I'm so predictable he teases me by saying "I wonder who lived there?" when we pass an old house on a trip!

So is it any surprise that I do the same thing while I'm making over furniture?? Who sat at this table? Who put this sticker on this dresser? Who hid chocolate in this drawer . . .  ;)  Well, in some cases the ghosts of yester year let me know exactly who's dresser it was.

How do you think Ricky or Ronny
would feel about what I did to their dresser? HA!
No longer a boys' dresser!

I painted it a blush pink color,
with raspberry peeking through the distressing.
Fun purply-pink glass knobs add just the perfect girly touch. And the drawers were lined with a pretty pink & brown fabric, but I had to get the photo of Rick & Ron's handy work first!  

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  1. it's so cute! ricky will be coming back to claim it now that it is so cute!