Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update & Updated.

So to give you an update on our basement catastophe. Well, not much is happening since the carpet is still drying. Call it delaying the inevitable. A LOT OF TOY THROWING AWAY, um I meant sorting.  I saw a picture of a man wading in water up to his knees in NJ yesterday, and I was again reminded of how absolutely blessed I am. 

So I thought I'd take a moment to show you this fun Big Guy! We've had this bookcase for a long time, and honestly I just plain forget about it, so if you asked me for a bookcase before and I didn't mention this one, it was an oops on my part.

The best part was the penciled note: To Lawrence from Daddy 1948. (Yeah, I did paint over it, I thought about it for awhile and decided not everyone might be as nostalgic as me.)  There is a matching 10 drawer dresser in the store for $165 I'll show tomorrow.  It folds in half--why?? We haven't figured it out yet.  4' tall, 3' wide, 10" deep. Perfect for big books, crafts, & toys!!


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  1. Is the dresser red too?! I might want these for my son's bedroom!!