Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

Upcycling furniture may be the art of taking something the ugly and forsaken and turning into something beautiful and beloved--but there lingers a dark side to this business.

I debated--should I share these dark secrets? Can my readers take it? Will they all abandon me in disgust? 


Ah, heck. I'll go for it. Are you ready? Get your paper bag ready.

1--Be kind to your Paint In My Hair furniture. Treat it with respect and honor. It may be the final resting place of gnat or two. And many more may have lost their lives attempting to land on my wet paint.  But in my defense, they were NOT invited nor were they welcome. A first warning was issued by a swat of the hand. After that . . . all is fair in paint and war.

Twin Princess Bed.
Still in time out for talking back.

2--If you think you see a red streak on your white dresser, I'm sorry I just might have bled on it. So do you feel my commitment to your furniture now? Or are you horrified??  Knicks, splinters, bruises, splinters, stubbed toes, did I mention splinters?? All occupational hazards. All for the love of the paint.

Basset Armoire
In trouble for being too stinkin' heavy.
3--Your furniture just might have been called various malicious and wretched names--especially if it weighs over 80 pounds, tenaciously repels paint, or just plain won't stay "fixed."  I don't think it has it's listening ears on, so no worries. I don't think I hurt it's feelings too bad.

Hee-hee! Have a great day everyone.
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 Also I just added 20+ beds of all shapes and sizes to the raw pieces page.

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