Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life as I know it

To make things a bit more interesting I think I'm going to try to mix up my new furniture posts & editorial posts during the week. I will try my best to update the header on my "finished furniture for sale" button with the latest date items were added. Which is pretty often lately since we're gearing up for my hubby & padawan to return to grad school in a few weeks. Come buy furniture everyone! Tuition is due soon. Just kidding! Sort of.

So, if you didn't catch it yesterday I added a bunch of new stuff under the new furniture button & tomorrow or Tuesday I'll have some more once I get photos. 

But for today. I thought I'd wax personal. How has my life changed since I started this as a full time business? Well for one thing, if there was ever any doubt as to who's child I am, it has been erased. Let's just say growing up the wood shop in the garage was my MOM'S. Oh, my dad probably could have used a power tool or two.
But everyone understood that the shop was my mom's.

Now my home looks just like my mom's.

Butter--Check. Honey--Check. Primer, paint & clear coat--check.  

Exactly how many brushes need to accumulate before I am moved to put them away? Apparently more than 4.

Random furniture littering the yard. Check. Yes the 6 foot--9 drawer Basset Mid-century dresser painted ocean foam green/gray will be in the store on Tuesday. ;)

Children increasing at ease with comings and goings of the furniture biz. Our new threat to replace putting toys in timeout? I'm gonna take your toy to auction. ;P Mean, huh? But it works.

 Andrew--what's confusing you??

Oh, the odd noises coming from the armoire that would be the "big" kids playing hide and seek.

Armoire will also be ready on Tuesday. That is if I'm up for moving it again. It might just become garden art so I don't have to lift that sucker
Basset furniture from the 1970's is HEAVY. 

So to sum it up: One year ago I had 4 kids in diapers. I ran a tight ship on a tight schedule with naps & snacks delivered one the dot, weekly trips to the zoo, organized neighborhood play dates & made homemade bread & play dough from memory every week.  I was the epitome of a generation X stay at home mom. (Ask someone in education about guilt ridden generation X parents.)

Now I may not be here every second of very day--but I'm a better mom because I get a break. I am a creative person by nature. I even made my own wedding dress--again upcycled from a hand me down dress (I mean did my brother really expect my sister-in-law to throw away $1,000 of silk just because it was from a previous engagement? Pah.)  Getting my creative outlet helps me to have greater patience with my kiddos. 

A year ago my entire creative goal was to  make my girls at least 2 dresses a YEAR.  Considering I had 4 kids under 4 at the time, even that was a challenge. Have you ever taken 4 kids to Joann's?? Not for the faint hearted. 
Or the sane in fact.

Now I have the best of both worlds. My house may be a disaster, and I don't even try to decorate, as we know. But my store is pretty. And I don't have to yell at my kids for messing up my carefully orchestrated room design.


 Any guesses what my kids would do to that dried lavender?

Which pink thief would nab this first if it were at home?

Oh, so purty.  And it's been there for weeks.
 No little "pretty-pretty" klepto's around to steal it.

And Most of all--How has my life changed. Well besides the last 15 baby pounds I've lost hauling furniture all day.

 Paint Can Shaking work out video coming soon.
 Jillian move over.

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  1. I don't know how I found your blog, but I am happy I did. I think your so freakin cute, and awesome! I loved reading this and I love your funiture! Keep going!