Tuesday, September 20, 2011

this was supposed to be for me . . .

But again, my hubby used his powers of persuasion and it's at the store. Anyhow, I wanted to spot light this sweet little sitting chair makeover and give a shout out to Artworks in Spokane Valley for helping jump on the Anne Sloan Chalk Paint bandwagon. They've been great in giving me little tips and how to's as I learn all about ASCP.  In the virtual world you can visit them here. In the real world you can visit them at 15310 E. Marietta Ave., Studio 8 | Spokane Valley, WA 99216.

Alright, back to the bandwagon.  All aboard. 

I started with this--well sorta, but you get the idea. I stink at remembering "before" pictures. And since this was a day off for me--painting something for myself is not working! I planned on painting while I watched a TV show and ate ice cream.

 Lessons learned so far:
1--I always get paint everywhere--no matter how hard I try.
2--With carpel tunnel problems holding a paint brush gets painful really fast--so if I'm gonna keep using ASCP I'll need to spray it. Anyone have any advice on that??

Ok, so after I painted, waxed with the clear soft wax & made a new cushion & pillow, oh, and then I decided this chair really makes one want to kick their feet up, so I redid a foot stool to go with it--I ended up with this:

Can I just say making the cushions so they fit snugly around the arm rests was REALLY obnoxious. But I HATE it was a cushion slides out of a chair while you're sitting in it, so I went the extra mile.
 pat, pat, pat.
(that's the sound of me congratulating myself)
  And a little matched-mismatched foot stool. Matchy-matchy isn't my favorite look--I like to take two things that didn't come together and try to make them coordinate through paint colors, finishes, details . . .
 ya, know what I mean.  FYI-this is a metal footstool and I painted right on it--no primer or anything.
 Scout's Honor. Cool, huh?

 Purty huh?
 Overall what did I think of the ASCP??

Definitely a FAN.
I loved how easy it was to distress and the beautiful hand rubbed look it gives. Gorgeous colors and it was super fun to work with.
Yeah, it does cost a lot compared to other brands, but I definitely think that if you're aiming for a distressed, old-world effect it's worth every penny.

Please check my finished pieces button for pricing and availability of this item.

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