Monday, September 12, 2011

Today My Life is a Country Song.

Because I wanna Uh-uh-uh-uh-un-do-it.

You know those days you work your butt off all (insert mental commentary: We don't say 'butt' mommy!) day long and at the end of it nothing went the way you planned or turned out as magnificent as you envisioned???


We have family coming into town as I speak so we planned to get super caught up on custom orders that were due and fill the store with a few new goodies to start the week. Well moments before my client--a fantastic lady who gives me tons of freedom on the pieces she brings me to redo. Any artist LOVES that! --showed up to pick up her orders--I notice TERRIBLE over spray on the inside of the door.
Strike one.
Then she hates doesn't love the color of her next piece! No one's really to blame on this one--I've done quite a few pieces for her and we've always been in mental sync when it came to color choice.
Not so much on the dark mustard. So that's a repaint.
Then I go back to the store to finish my "rustic farm table" I'm doing for the store. Somehow what I envisioned as a rustic weather worn brown stained top and black distressed bottom just isn't meshing.
It might be salvaged when I polish it up. We'll see. But right now I'd really like to go back to 9:00 am when I walked into my paint booth and saw the 5 projects from last night sitting there in beautiful harmony.


 Don't these pieces look so happy together?? Perfect harmony.  Black, Gray, Celery & Moody Blue???  I think I could decorate a room with these colors. 


On the positive note--several of my pieces are making me very happy. 

Yes. Real Vintage Glass Pulls. And Yes. I  did think about pulling them off and selling them separately. 
Waahahahaha (evil laugh)

And this:
I know it's only a student desk, but if you had seen it before you'd be proud of the transformation as well!

Ok, and back to the country song theme. You'd didn't think I had forgotten did you?

Here's a few Jeff Foxworthy style furniture jokes for y'all:

You know you have a lot of furniture when you realize you have an entire dresser in your bedroom you forgot about.  (Can you say FABRIC STORAGE??!!)

You know you have a lot of furniture when start counting the chairs in your family/dining room and lose your count at 17. 

You know you have a lot of furniture when you start wondering how many chairs on the front porch could you get away with before someone called "Hoarders" on you. 

You know you have a lot of furniture when you've filled up your storage, and your 'other' storage, and now you're converting the 'non-storage' trailer into storage.

Thanks for listening. I really do appreciate all the comments & love. I promise tomorrow I will be a glistening ray of sunshine. No more gloom and doom from the land of paint. ;P 

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  1. Love that green! And, well, I'd like to steal those handles. Just kidding! Deb