Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whew--Fall finally blew in to Paint In My Hair.

Come on down and check out our fall decor!

 I mean, how can you have Halloween without a scythe on your porch?

See that little table hiding under the decor?? Yep, another meant for my house that my hubby talked me out of.

Here's a close up: 

 You all know I am enamored with transformer furniture--well this table hides leaves on each end that pull out and pop up!! Neato, huh? Unfortunately we decided it doesn't fit our space just right. See finished pieces for pricing & availability.

BTW--LOVE this picture of the birdcage & silver.
 I almost feel like a real photographer!!

And introducing my newest vendor Sandi from Sandi's Shabby Shed. She's brought in some awesome banners for everyday & special days.  

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  1. Jessica! Your sense of humor is such a treat! You made me smile. Looking forward to seeing more great stuff - I'm now a follower! I hail from a long line of do-it-yourself women, too. Yea for us!
    -Revi from