Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can we say ADHD??

Ok, so in the middle of a busy Saturday Sales day at the store, what do I decide needs to be done--oh how about a total clean out of my check out area??
Right, just what I was thinking too!

So it all started out as I tried to wipe of my counter top--which is an old cabinet base from someones garage I got for $2 at auction. I had painted it black before the store opened, but the problem, as any good dandruff commercial will tell you, is black shows everything!
My counter top always looked dirty. So on a whim I grabbed a very nearly empty can of ASCP and started painting.

 Yep, put the cash register on the floor and went to work.

  Well, if you have a new counter top, then this just won't do:

 And this organizational plan just wasn't cutting it:

Folks, These weren't doctored or staged.
I'm really that sloppy.

But where to put everything???  If I just had another place to store my stuff. If I just owned a furniture store that I could steal stuff off the sales floor  . . .

Hee hee hee

Snagged this from my own sales floor. Perfect!
I love "free" shopping!
Funny thing is, if I had gotten this with the intent of making it over for myself, it never would have gotten done.

And then I had to do something about this area:

Oh, maybe I should finally put that second shelf in that's been lying around since grand opening.
OK, the big reveal!

You can't see it, but I also added pegs on either side of the register for hanging all those big unruly plastic bags that are my huge Internet mistake.

Isn't this the prettiest blue for my counter top!
 Duck Egg from ASCP. 
And guess what? No primer, no sanding. Isn't that lovely? Just lovely. I  mean In Love. Me. With Chalk paint.

Wait, do you see what I see?
How about a close up.

Yep, see if you can get to that chocolate before my hubby does.

More shopping from the sales floor for storage baskets to hide and organize all my supplies.
 A little tote holds current projects.

I'm all about garage sale finds for plastic organizers. People give aways these things cheap or free.
I got this pink one for .10!

There she is--
my sign from Leslie at Orphan Decor tops it all. So True.
Haven't figured out what to do about the wires. We have a VERY old building and only about 1 in 3 outlets work. And then the fire dept has this thing about using extension cords on a permanent basis, so I'm stuck with wires everywhere. Dislike.

There she is--My new and improved Check out / work area. Love it!

 Now on to the Paint Booth--getting it revamped for teaching classes and more efficient painting.  Private classes starting in November--but you can register now.

Have a great day!
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