Thursday, October 20, 2011

For the Love of Architectural Salvage

Oh, what is it about old buildings that just sets my heart a'fire??? Is it the thought of all the memories they must carry? Is it the thought that a piece of history will soon be reclaimed by Mother Nature?

 And what is it about Junk (as opposed to junk, which it what I take out everyday) that is sooooo stinkin' fun?  The hunt. The quest. The find. Feeling you found something one of a kind and it may be your last chance to ever get one--as far as I know Target doesn't have a Junk section yet.

Oh, when my hubby told me about the Architectural Salvage Bonanza he scored my heart did flip flops.
When I saw it all,


But even I don't have enough hours in the day to repurpose all these goodies. So come on down and do some good old fashions Junking in my backyard.

I mean--come on??? Who makes Gates this fantastic???

These doors are just waiting for you . . .
(Minty green one in back is sold)

Can you see this over your couch with family photos in it??

Ok, seriously--
Check out the spindles on the screen door.
Sweeter than saccarin

And Windows.
 Oh--For the love of windows. Would there were enough hours in the day for me to work these--
Some are spoken for already, but there's plenty to find!

Come on down and go a'hunting!

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Don't for get my everything orange sale!

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