Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finding Inspiration

How do I find inspiration?

When I sew, I first look for the fabric then I ask it what it wants to be--OK, not literally,
 but that's the general flow of things.

  I first pick the fabric, and then pick the project.

Furniture is much the same way for me.

 RARELY do I actually have an end result in mind when I start.  I don't start out thinking--I'm going to make a white dresser, more likely . . . I have a dresser and I try to find a color that brings out it's best qualities. 

I ask: What color will make this 1970's table/desk/ dresser current?

This Basset set was soooooo big and chunky.  I love the many, many straight lines, but the rounded edges just added so much weight.

To lighten it up I choose Old White from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and then to further lighten them up I heavily distressed it for a light, white washed coastal feeling.  I just love how they've been transformed! 

How do you create??

Do you know the end from the beginning
are you more a walk the past of discover sort of person?

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  1. white really helped soften this piece! it brought it up to date, too!