Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not sure there's enough chocolate to get me through today

Yep, title pretty much says it all! I made it to the store by 7:30 to tackle some custom orders, but when I got home at 10:30 and saw the land of chaos and destruction that awaited me . . .

I headed straight for the Double Mint Oreos.

Yep. Oreos at 10:30 am. Not a good sign.

Well Jo-ann's did help out a bit. Bless them for putting all their Halloween crafts on 60%.
It was a pumpkin slaughter house.
Bellies and stems and eyes and crooked smiles everywhere. 
 And at $1 a package . . . let em' rip!

It kept the "big" kids happy for an hour while I had a stress induced nap on the couch.

Yes, I know . . . You're all shocked right??? I don't work 24 hours day?!? I wish I could.
 Alas, mortality demands I sleep.  Darn it.
And while I'm in the griping/moaning & groaning/belly aching mode . . .

Can anyone tell me how toddlers can look at 50 utensils in the dish washer and find the one sharp knife in 0.7 seconds flat???  I mean really, of all the amazing talents kids come prewired with, the "find the sharp object" skill is one I could do without. 

And the "must stick my hand in the toilet" instinct. I wouldn't mind passing on that as well.

Oh, and the "let's put the entire contents of my dinner plate in my water and see how if floats" thing??
Yep, I'll skip that too.

Just a pretty picture to give you a break from miss whines-a-lot.

You may or may not be a fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series--but seriously . . . If you were going to invent a super baby . . . one that could ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE with you from birth?? 

Yeah, that'd be a pretty awesome super skill.

I've been playing guess that word with my 20 month old for hours. Just figured out that "Chee" is Cheetos. Which is what he's NOT getting for dinner.

So, No furniture to report on this day. Lots in progress . . . Stay tuned! 
 Waiting for my navy burlap to arrive so I can put the final touch on a gorgeous double flip table & 4 chairs for the store. Hope it turns out as good as it looks in my head!

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