Friday, October 14, 2011

Rustic Elegance show Day 1

Ok, so before i slump into a pile of melted goo from exhaustion--I just thought I'd share some pics to from today! If you couldn't make it, come on out on Saturday!!

Val from Artworks Spokane doing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Demos with a few of my favorite gals!

This little bookshelf is actually for sale, so don't let the paint display stop you! It's actually over 5' tall and has a cabinet on the bottom.

Ok, seriously I love my fabric artwork witch--I'm actually more of a "fall" rather than "halloween" decorator, but I think this little witchy woo might have a place on my wall.
Think I"ll make another.  Maybe BIG. And she'll scare the kids. Or not.
Printed on Osanburgh fabric and placed in a ASCP painted frame. 
yeah, ok, I know it's crooked.
 Thanks little miss editor. ;P

Lovin' my little Fabric Art pieces I did up just for the show--you can mix and match the fabric artwork and the picture frame. I'm also selling the artwork separately.

This is a Lane Cedar Chest--and yes it still smells like cedar. Restained the top and faux painted the bottom in ASCP Provence. Took off the terrible 1960's brass decor and replaced it with purty wood filigree work.

Gotta a few of these window shutter shelves left!
Too precious--and yet so functionable.
And for the guys and kiddos there is also a blac smith there doing demos through out the day. ;)
See--we didn't forget you!

Uh Oh.
 Melting Melting.

I see a big puddle of goo coming in my near future.
Off to bed I go.

Thanks for stopping by!


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