Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tackling the problem project

Sometimes I drag my feet. I don't know where I'm going on a piece of furniture, or there are so many small road bumps along the way that it's hard to feel motivated.

Piece A needs the bolts cut of---where's the dremel? In the garage . . . The garage is locked. Where are my keys? gotta go find my keys . . . That could take awhile.

Ok, so I'll work on piece B. 
Piece B needs the seat put on. No problem. Where are my 1 1/2 size 10 or 12 screws? Hum . . . here's 1 1/4" screws -- not long enough. Here's 1 3/4" screws -- too long. Oh, here's ONE 1 1/2"! Ok, now I need 3 more.
Nope, no such luck.
The problem projects.

You know that desk/table/chair sitting in your garage because you just ran into too many problems trying to finish it, so you just set it aside for later.
When you will miraculously want to tackle all those problems?? 
Yeah right.
Well, even though I redo furniture professionally, I have problem projects as well.

This pretty little number?
  Redid the top 7 times because new pieces of veneer bubbled up every time I sprayed and sanded it.

This sweet little chair??
  1 hour spent trying to find 4 screws that were the exact right size to put the seat back on. Yeah, I could have just given up and gone to bed, but I wanted to get it DONE before I went to bed.
I'm stubborn that way.  

And then  . . .

there are the pieces of furniture that remind me why I love what I do! I love to see the difficult pieces come together in the end, but what I really love are the pieces that play nice.

Like this little Hutch redo
Gorgeous, huh? And she played nice the whole time.
Love those knobs my client picked out.

OOOh, pretty picture alert!

Ah, stunning. Just in love!

These pieces are a joy to work with.

But the problem projects are the reason I have a job.

Jessica Jochim
Owner Paint In My Hair, LLC.
Furniture Renovator and Problem Project Finisher.  

Thanks for coming by!


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  1. LOVE that hutch! the knobs are awesome on it!

  2. Oooohhhh...cream paint and stain...BEAUTIFUL combination! SWOON!

  3. What a work of art! I love the hutch - everything about it!! Nice job. I'm your newest follower and I can't wait to see what you tackle next.

  4. OH I have to have those knobs!! I have a hutch almost exactly like that! I am just going to have to copy it. :-) Do you know ware I can buy them? SO happy I decided to just read threw your blog with my cup of tea this morning!