Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting that look

Ok, first on a totally unrelated topic:

Could you just die?? My kids helped decorate my birthday cake for the first time this year.

My 5 year old (who has an auditory sensory processing disorder--i.e. what goes in the ear isn't necessary what the brain understands . . . ) actually sang to me!!

He. does. not. sing. ever.

It absolutely made my year!!
(Those of you with a child who has developmental delays will totally get this.)

Happy 29th Birthday to me!

Again. I love turning 29 every year.
Predictability is so comforting.

What else did I do for my 29th (eh-hem) birthday?

Well Paint of course!!
I had a grand ol' time watching North and South (BBC--not civil war) with the girls and painting up a storm with my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

(side note b: If you haven't seen North and South. Please go watch it. Really. You'll thank me. And then you'll watch it another 6 times in a row--or at least the last 10 minutes.)

 The best part was watching my not-so-getting-the-whole-chalk-paint-thing family be converted to the wonder that is ASCP.  My mom started pulling out all her picture frames to paint them up as well!

When you've been marrying daughters off for several decades, it's hard to get frames that coordinate/match.
(yep--5 girls and 2 boys= lots of DIY weddings.)
   Do you see it?? I've got more of every one's favorite fabric art quote in stock! 5x7's and 8x10's.

"Sometimes Finished is better than Perfect"

And I found some of the most adorable vintage holiday prints as well I did with the fabric art. Why is vintage art so stinkin' cute?

And see my faux mercury glass?? These vases and other stuff are still on their way to being converted to holiday decor for the store! Won't they be soooo cute once I Poinsettia them? Quirky and festive at the same time!

Oh, and yeah, I had trouble with my lighting--pics are way yellow.  Colors are Versailles Green & a custom mix of Duck Egg, Graphite, & Antibes Green.

And these shutters?? Drawer knobs and hooks coming soon, just in time to hang your stockings on--b/c not everyone has a fireplace!

 Thanks for stopping by--
Come see me in the store this week if you can--hubby has final term papers and finals this week and next. I've gone from being a hunting widow to a grad school widow. I might need an adult to talk to. ;P

Christmas sales are on now! Store wide.


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  1. Happy Birthday Jessica! The gift of song from your sweet baby made tears run down my face. I have a 12 year old daughter with cerebral palsy and I understand how HUGE these milestones are.

    Love everything in this post. The faux mercury glass? BRILLIANT!

    Have a great day!

  2. Jess,
    Love the faux mercury glass-GORGEOUS!
    I loved the story that your kiddos helped decorate your cake...turning 29? ahem...again? me too!! ;D
    And that your sweet son sang to you-that's amazing.
    Sorry I haven't made it over there to do the paint with you yet. Soon, at least I'll drop by!

  3. Beautiful! I used 'odd' frames at my son's wedding this summer and painted them all the same color -- worked perfectly and was much more interesting than if they were all the same! I love your mercury glass pieces too!

  4. LOVE that quote!!! How true that is! I love looking at your site. It always makes me feel so inspired. You make such beautiful things. Also, will Sarah please come and plant a garden behind my house for me? Gorgeous!

  5. How wonderful for you, Jessica, to hear your child sing! It's a wonderful thing!

    Thank you for linking this wonderful post to Potpourri Friday!