Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Indulge Me . . .

Confession time . . .

 Raise your hand if you are a
closet reality show watcher!! 

 Me? I'm a total Project Runway nerd.

 Love it!  I was a seamstress before I was anything else--I made my own clothing starting in about 6th grade. Well, if you watch Project Runway as well, you know one of the catch phrases the judges always use is "indulgent." or something of the like. I always wondered, what does that mean? How is a designer indulgent?? Well today I realized what it meant.


Catering to your whims and fancy's without thought or consideration to reality.

(Ok, those of you who just typed in 'indulgent' into your Internet dictionary are now realizing I just made that up. Bwhahahaha! Evil laugh.)  

Sooooo I was totally indulgent today. I'm been absorbed in a Harry Potter fest lately, and as a furniture designer I couldn't help but be jealous of set designers who get to create totally artistic and fanciful pieces!!

Well, I got indulgent and made my own little artistic piece today. Not sure if anyone else will get it/love it, but I do! I can totally see this in the background of a Charles' Dickens movie--Bleak House maybe? 

This little oak filing cabinet got a treatment of ASCP Arles, followed by a wash of French Linen. 
Heavily distressed and clear & dark wax.  

Sweater Vases provided by my vendor Nicole. Both are for sale in the store. Isn't she awesome?!

And since we're talking movies,
here's a behind the scenes shot.
Spoils the magic, doesn't it?

Thanks for indulging me. ;)


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  1. oh it is so warm and makes me happy! love the colors!

  2. I agree! I always find myself looking at the sets of movies and tv shows! How cool would it be to be a set designer! Love how your filing cabinet turned out! So awesome!!

  3. So darn cute...love the color combo!