Friday, November 4, 2011

Sneak Peak: Vintage Finds and Handmade Treasures Market!

Here's a little peak of the amazing stuff I've been working on for the show this weekend at Nine Mile Elementary!! You won't wanna miss it if you're out in the Spokane area!
 This little lady is a show stopper!

 A Rare 1927 Limited Edition Mount Vernon Edition White Sewing Machine. 

 They made it for only one year to commemorate their 50th anniversary.  I bought it because I loved the table, and then I found the very unique sewing machine inside. You've got to come see this thing! All the accessories are still there--including the manual & a billion attachments. Some guy out in Florida wants $1,000 for one of these. Don't worry, I'm asking a whole lot less. ;)  I've priced it to give the buyer room to have it re-electrical wired & cleaned by a professional.

The table it self was in pretty rough shape. I restained the top & painted the bottom in ASCP Emperor's Silk, and then dark waxed it for a rich, yummy feeling. The original drawer pulls I polished with vinegar & baking soda.

Check out that Itsy Bitsy Power cord! 
Both the light and the machine work. I haven't had time to thread it yet, but it does power on.

Yum, Yeah. NOT cleaned yet. But since I have no idea how to do that, I'll let the buyer take it to a professional.
It's priced with the assumption you'll wanna do this. ;)

Asking $275!

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