Saturday, November 19, 2011

This is what I'm thankful for . . .

The other day I was driving in my toasty warm silver bullet, (that'd be my mini-van), I passed a few people trudging along in the blustery wind.

It was probably 28 degrees out and I was suddenly impressed by the thought of how lucky I am to have a warm house with heat and food to go home to every night. I've never had to look for a warm place to sleep or wonder where my next meal would come from. 

 This Thanksgiving I will remember to be incredibly thankful.

Today I have a call to action for all my furniture peeps in the Spokane area.

This morning I was at

the Spokane Community Warehouse at 919 E. Trent.

  This is a charity organization which helps homeless families and individuals get back into their own homes/apartments. It provides everything they need to get started:
 furniture, kitchen stuff, household items . . . 

Last time I was there it was packed.

This is what I saw today.

See all those kitchen tables and dressers?
Naw, me neither.

OOOOH--Look at that Gorgie-goo bed!!
Oh, my bad. Bay is empty. 

Hey! They've got desks!
We'll all just sit, eat, and sleep on a desk!
(I did sleep on an army cot for my entire sophomore year of H.S. But it was by choice.
Teenagers, they're funny creatures.)

What they desperately need right now is fully functioning furniture with all the parts!
No broken or missing pieces.

Kitchen Tables
Mattresses & Beds
Sofas and love seats
 Pots and Pans (but not mixing bowl or baking type stuff)
Cash donations to help people with gas bills and such.

They'll be open till Wednesday mid-day and then close for the holiday, opening again on the following Monday.

I know I have some kitchen tables which I'll run over on Monday. I bet I'm not the only one with a piece of furniture tucked in a corner waiting for me to make a decision on it.  So, if you can spare something, please consider taking it over to their warehouse this week. Help someone else get into a warm home by Christmas. 

Yep. I'm laying it on thick.

But it's all for a good cause
 so you'll just have to forgive me. ;P

Thanks! Jessica


  1. C'mon Spokane!! Let's all help--tis the season to think of others needs. I'll take some things in on Monday--thanks, Jessica, for the heads up...

  2. What a timely and thoughtful post! Wishing you all the best,

  3. What a great reminder, Jessica, of all of our blessings. No matter how tough most of our lives can certainly be, there will always be someone who needs more than I do, and someone who has more than I do. I always try to think of, pray for, and help those who have less.