Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To Paint or Not to Paint . . .

Oh, the difficult life that is mine. Finding amazing vintage pieces of furniture and fluffy stuff for the home and then having to face the most trying of all question.

 Is it better left as it is or painted?

The debate goes like this:

Is the finish on the item salvageable at all? Or is it peeling, flaking, crayoned, stickered, cat peed?? Yeah, not kidding.

Does it have a finish that's desirable?? And no, 1980's bronze does not fall around or anywhere near the "desirable" category. Sorry to all you modern fans, but I just don't think this is one fad I'll jump on board with. ;)

Is it worth a whole lot more if I just leave it the heck alone?

And even if the answer is yes to all of these things--or even just the last one--then the answer is 
Lay down that brush Sister!
Thou Shalt Not Paint this

See the amazing Patina on this Milk Jug?? No paint

This was gonna be painted, then I found all these layers of delicious paint under an atrocious gritty sand textured overcoat. Definitely couldn't touch this!

These french doors?? Love them just as they are!

This old army truck--Love it! No paint here.

Mostly for what I pay for a piece (cheap!) the answer is BRING ON THE PAINT!  Hence, the name of my store . . . funny that.

  But sometimes I come across a piece that

 I just don't know what to do with.

I like it as it is . . .
I like the patina . . .
I think others would like it just like this . . .


(sigh, insert 5 year old boy voice . . . BUTT?! You said 'butt' Mommy . . .  wahahahaha . . .  hysterical laughter followed by tooting sounds.)

What if I can make it BETTER with paint . . .

Take this bird cage . . .  (?? Not sure what it is)
 I would use it as a flower pot or stuffed animal holder. ;)

Cool huh? I like it just as it is . . .
What if I could improve it with just a bit o' paint?

Dark teal?
Antique white--heavily distressed???
hum, that might be a bit harem-esque.

Oh, the possibilities . . .

And so the debate continues . . .

If you'd like to make up my mind for me,
the cage is for sale in the store. 

Thanks for listening!


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