Friday, December 16, 2011

Being Converted

Ok, so I gotta admit when I first started with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I wasn't totally sold on the dark wax. I like the colors so much I didn't want to see them change.

But I've been converted. Simply because after my training I learned that this paint is so much more than paint. Now I'm having a blast discovering all the 'looks' you can achieve.

What one of my faves?? Graphite straight to dark wax.

TIP:  I find if I thin out the wax a bit with mineral spirits it's easier to achieve a smooth, non-streaky finish.  And remember to be generous with your first coat so that the wax won't dry out before you wipe it back.  And if it does a bit of mineral spirits helps revive it.

So, here's a gorgeous buffet I worked on this week:

Isn't it gorgeous! I love the soft black you get with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Graphite straight to dark wax.

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  1. This is gorgeous, just the right amount of distressing. I've had a problem with streaks when I use the dark wax, especially on a large surface. Thanks for the tip about adding mineral spirits.

  2. What a beauty!! I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  3. Beautiful piece, well done.

    I've noticed in some of your other post that you spray with Annie Sloan paint. What ballpark ratio do you start use? I realize it can vary by sprayer but I am looking for a starting point. Did you spray this piece? When you say straight to dark wax, does that mean you used dark wax prior to ANY clear wax....directly on top of graphite?

    Thanks for your time. I've got a similar project and I've never used graphite or DARK WAX :-/ Very nervous, and it's for a friend!!!!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.