Saturday, December 3, 2011

Look at those Sexy Legs!!

Bwahahahaha!!! Here's me laughing at all you GUYS who are looking for a DIFFERENT sexy leg site and Google landed you here! 

heee heee heee.

We'll get back to the sexy legs in a moment.

Ok, First off I want to give you a sneak preview of the giveaway I'm announcing on Monday.
(post edit-now you can follow the link to the giveaway!)

Hint. Hint.

Come back on monday for all the details!!

Ok, on to today's little furniture feature.

But really, aren't her legs soooo sexy?? No longer a forgotten piece of utilitarian function.

These legs do more than just hold this table up.

They make a statement!!

Seriously, if I drank wine, this is the table I would do it at.

 Instead, I'll eat my fancy shmancy french cheese with extra dark chocolate and consider myself extravagant.

Because, really, let's face it.

This is not a
 Mac n' Cheese table. 

Erica is the lucky guest who custom ordered this table. So, sorry it's not for sale. But I can always make you one!

Top is stained in Kona from Rustoleum and bottom is painted in ASCP Emperor's Silk then clear waxed twice, finished by a rub of dark wax. Um, um, Yum!

Thanks for stopping by!!


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  1. sexy- i wish my curves looked that good in red!

  2. Gorgeous! I think we could all use a sexy table like that in our home :)