Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years Resolution Day 1

Christmas is over for another year, Next up . . . New Years!

I know you've been making your list . . .
and ignoring it as least twice? right?

The New Year is just around the corner, and so to get you excited motivated at least thinking about your goal for next year, I'm going to dedicate every post this week to New Years Resolutions!!

Day One

Organize Your Life!
Or at least get the coolest organizer ever.

This little Brainiac spent the first part of her life in the geography lab at a university. No longer a nerdy frump, this little Caterpillar is now a beautiful butterfly!

 12 Drawers of Organizing Lusciousness!

 It's tall--not sure, but over 5' 4" at least! ;)


Painted In Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Emperor's Silk
Clear waxed, then Dark Waxed
Original handles polished.

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  1. beautiful piece, you did a great job! I LOVE the color and the pulls!

  2. Hmmm....how would you know it was over 5'4"?

    What do you have that you know is 5'4"?

    If you were wearing shoes when you made the measurement, I would up it by an inch.

  3. wow! i LOVE that! it is so great for organization- love the new hardware and awesome color!

  4. Fabulous! Wish I had room for it in my studio.

  5. Wow - love the red! and the drawer handles are perfect for it.