Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolution Day 4: Remember Who You Are

Ok, so am I the only one who took till 29-and-holding to realize I don't have to try to be someone else??

Oooooh, but I've always wanted soooo badly to be that uber cute, always perfectly styled, always says the right thing girl with a perfectly manicured house.

 Hum, yeah. Not so much.

  I will always HATE doing my hair and makeup. I will occasionally be capable of coming up with a super chic and fashion forward outfit.

Occasionally being about once every few years.

  And I will always have brain-to-mouth filter problem.

 Hello foot, meet mouth.

That's me.  And I'm learning to love who I am.  So what if most of my clothing is covered with paint. I had a BLAST getting it there.  And I may say too much sometimes and chat people's head off, but I've been the opposite--the person who kept it all inside. And I choose to be a chatty cathy. 

And the Most Liberating Acceptance of ALL--
I give you all PERMISSION to adapt this motto. 

 I KNOW what it takes to keep my house perfectly clean.

And . . .

 I. Am. Not. Interested.

Let me repeat:

 I. Am. Not. Interested.

Yep, I said it. I CHOOSE to have a sloppy house.  Absolutely liberating and empowering. I no longer have that nagging sensation to clean constantly.

 Yep, go ahead. Feel free to steal.

Now let's put that in perspective. I still clean my bathroom every other week (used to be every week, but then I had kids. Bye, bye free time.)  I still do between 1 and 3 loads of dishes everyday and 14-20 loads of laundry every week.  Sweep every day. . .
 I just don't bother with the daily mopping, constant toy picking up, couch reassembling, and bed making and that sort of gibberish.

Yep. I know who I am and I happy to be me. Well most of the time. I could do with out the varicose veins and carpel tunnel. ;p 

Here's an ugly duckling redo for fun. I wanted to feature it with today's resolution because it has so many elements that I love. Basic clean lines, Neutral beachy colors, and a pop of modern in the black drawer pulls. 

Also I think this is one of my favorite stylings I've done. I just love the way the geometric lines come together with all the architectural salvage. A pop of silver. A pop of blue.  And my boy. This picture is not for sale. It's reminds me of my little 5 year old rascal who is always getting in trouble, but so sweet about being sorry later. ;)

Please check the finished pieces button for pricing and availability!

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  1. Very Pretty Jess. What color is that? You may not have a super clean house but you do amazing things at your store....and I am amazed at all the other things you get done...tons of furniture, running a business, classes and shows.