Friday, December 9, 2011

Nothing profound, Just pretty.

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Someone asked me just recently how I think of things to post about. And to be honest, I'm so incredibility ADHD, no matter what I'm doing in the back of my mind I'm blogging or status updating.

Funny thought--someone should do a movie where the main character narrates through mental status updates . . . Hum.  Maybe I'll be a writer next.

Oh, Look a squirrel.

Focus, Jessica, Focus.

OK, so tonight I had nothing on the brain for a post, but I really wanted to share some of the photos from this latest custom order I've been working on.


Purty, huh? I love the classic colors she choose. And the scroll work? There was a broken trim piece which couldn't be repaired, so she asked me to take if off and just leave the center circles.

I love the contrast!

And to be perfectly honest, I was a bit stressed out about painting the raised parts dark. 

Do I stain the raised parts first, then Crisco them to protect them and paint the rest white??

Paint it all white first then free hand paint the raised portions dark?

I decided to go with the first option--because really, I don't freehand paint anything. I don't even like to write memo's with a pen. I'm a computer girl. I want things exact. Perfect. I like doing my taxes because all the numbers fit in their boxes so neatly. (and i always get a big chunk of change back.) I worked as a computer drafter for my dad for awhile. LOVED IT! I could make things perfectly centered to the zillionth degree!  

Confession Time. How much of a nerd am I? When I sew I love it when I can back stich into the exact same holes! 

Still love me even if I am a nerd?  At least I've moved on from the grunge hippy punk rock phases of my life right?? Obsessive nerd can't be that bad.

 I mean, compared to grunge, pretty much anything is an improvement, right?   

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  1. It turned out great! You're cracking me up...aren't we all a bit nerdy? Is that even a word??? Lol I need to go to bed. :-)

  2. This piece turned out beautiful. You are really honing your skills with the ASCP and I can't wait til we do my piece. Merry Christmas!

  3. Loving your furniture makeovers - we are all a bit nerdy in our own way. I have OCD about all sorts of things !

  4. oh that is so gorgeous! the details on the front are awesome!
    and i am with anneke- i think we are all a bit nerdy in the best way possible!