Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Violet

. On to my furniture feature of the day!

When I saw this little lady while I was out 'picking' last week, it didn't take me two blinks to know I had to have her!! Sorry I didn't get a 'before' pick. (We already discussed by ADHDness, so no need to rehash that here, right?) 

  I am crazy in love with her lines, her rustic top, her shiny little keyhole. sigh. Love.

I painted this little lady in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old Violet and went straight to a thinned down layer of Dark Wax, then I followed up with the Clear Wax for durability. Drawers are fabric lined, but I didn't get a photo. ;) New knobs add a bit o' flare if I do say so myself, although I didn't catch till photoshop that one of them is feeling a wee bit tipsy.

Oh well, still love her even if she is a bit of a lush. ;p

This baby has already sold. :)

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  1. gorgeous! i did a similar desk a while back in a smoky blue color- love the shape! that old violet is so fun!

  2. I love that desk!! I am not surprised that she sold so quickly!
    This is my first visit to your blog...I think. Anyway, I'm no stranger to having paint in my hair. I'm joining your blog so that I can see more of your painting projects...
    While your paint brushes are dryin', I hope you will stop over at mrshinesclass.wordpress.com I host a link party that starts on Wednesdays each week. Hope to see you there.