Thursday, March 31, 2011

White Dresser

This Dresser is the PERFECT size to be useful in so many ways. I can see it as a TV Stand, Entryway Piece, Buffet table . . . or a DRESSER!  It has NINE drawers. Count 'em!
I've primed, painted it in an Oops! color, distressed, antiqued, & clear coated it. It got new-new drawer pulls on the bottom 6 drawers, and new "new to me" drawer pulls on the top 3 drawers. 
A cute little guy, it's sure to be gone quickly. sob. sob.  I know, I know, I have attachment issues. I tend to fall for every piece I do!

Dimensions: 15" deep, 41" long, 33 3/4" tall

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little Black & White Side Table

Well, I finally remember to take a "before" shot of one of my pieces. I really like the chunky legs and wavy lines of this little guy. I left the top the same and gave the bottom a coat of Moroccan Sand.  I think a little basket in the bottom would be perfect to add storage for a side or end table.
23" tall, 15" deep, 28" wide

Rose School Desk

OK, so you know how sometimes you do things that you're not sure you'll like but you decide to chance it anyway?? Well, this desk it one experimental success! I'm not really a "Rose Stencil" sort of gal, but I had this image in my mind of an adorable little Victorian plant stand and I decided to give it a shot. I absolutely LOVE how this turned out. If I didn't have twin girls, I might even keep it for my girls' bedroom--but seeing as how there's only ONE desk and TWO girls . . .
  Well, you see the problem.
29" tall, 18" deep, 24" wide

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pieces waiting for the right taker!

Here are some pictures of furniture I have waiting to be redone. Much of is needs repairs so I'm not able to give price quotes off hand, but if you're interested in a piece shoot me an email and I'll take a closer look to give you a quote. I'm more than happy to do a piece just for you!
I have 2 of these colonial style twin bed frames
 I have 4 of these ladder-back chairs. Two of of them need some pretty extensive repairs on the wicker--so I may have to replace the seat.

This lane cedar chest is gorgeous on the inside
This is a matched set of end/side tables.
Another matched set of end/side tables
A Dresser. . .  the first of MANY ;)
Another Dresser
A water fall dresser.
An old secretary--
Adorable display table.  It will have a second platform added at the bottom.
A secretary
Another smallish dresser . . .
** Sold** 

A sweet kitchen table . . .

A Changing table . . .

A large desk . . .
Pennsylvania house table with 4 matching chunky chairs. 
Another Table
A Dresser transformed . . . I will add 4 baskets to it as storage containers. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hum, I think this desk's name is Clarissa

 The Clarissa Desk

So, I've decided that it order to keep my inventory straight I need to give them names. This desk just seemed to have the name Clarissa. It's a real antique, the guy I bought it from had had it in the family since the 1930's.  It's solid wood and has adorable details.  (Note: I had a bit of trouble with the coloring in the photos.  The paint color is closer to the cabinet photos.)

This desk was sanded, had some small repairs, painted, distressed, glazed, and clear coated. The original drawer pulls were sprayed a bronzed black.
It is 27 1/2" tall, 18" Deep, & 45 1/2" Long

Or buy both the desk and cabinet for

Metropolitan Cabinet

This metropolitan cabinet is the perfect companion piece to the Clarissa desk. It can be used either as a display piece or craft organizer. It hangs both horizontally or vertically.
24" x 30"
Or buy both the desk and cabinet for

Saturday, March 19, 2011

In the mean while . . .

So, while I'm waiting for furniture to be fixed, and for it to be warm enough to strip in the garage--hey, get your mind out of the gutter--strip the paint off of furniture! ;P and to buy a new paint gun--I thought I'd post a little something for fun.

 Here are J & K playing hide and seek
 among my pile of furniture.
You can't see it, but these side tables are on top of another table!  It's amazing how a little 2 year old can climb. 
And a picture of me sanding down some pieces.
 I should have this 1930's desk and 1960's bookshelves done tonight. I'm very anxious to get painting again--there just seems to always be so much else to do--oh, yeah I have 4 kids! Don't you just love the headband? It's to keep my head phones from falling in the paint!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moody Blue Table

Love, Love, Love this table!
Honestly if I had a dedicated craft room, it wouldn't be up for sale. It's amazing how a little paint and elbow grease turn a ho-hum table into something amazing!

This table was sanded, primed, painted an oops color named Moody Blue from Sherman Williams, distressed, glazed a medium brown, and clear coated.

Dimensions for the moody blue table are: L 48", W 30", H 29 1/4"


Blue! Blue! Blue!

I had been looking for a chance to use this blue Martha Stewart Oops paint I got at big orange last week, and this little set of tables seemed perfect! They're a pretty simple design so the color becomes the focus point. Can't you see them next to a
bright white slip covered sofa?

This set was sanded, had some small repairs, primed, painted an oops color,
distressed, & clear coated.
Dimensions for the coffee table are: L 48, W 23 3/4 ", H 14 3/4"
Dimensions for the 2 side tables are: L 22", W 17 3/4", H 18"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shabby Chic Dresser

This will be so hard to part with! This dresser is AWESOME! It could be used as an entry dresser, buffet table, changing table, or flat panel TV stand. The color is Moroccan sand and it's been glazed in a dark brown. I heavily distressed the top to give it a wonderful aged feeling.


Sassy Little Side Table

This side table has sooo much detail!
I just love how the glazing brought out all the beautiful carving and moulding on the piece. Please don't ask me the color--it's my favorite . . . .an oops find from big blue. I'm extremely addicted to buying oops paint. So the color will have to remain a mystery for us all!
It's made of solid wood and in great shape.