Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My latest little baby . . . and a bruised eye

What do I love about what I do?? Finding awesome furniture for a great price!!
 I can't imagine what this set cost new, but I'm sure it was WAY OUT of my
 SAHM/Graduate school husband budget. ;P
It's all solid wood, dove tailed joints, and, get ready . . . 
 the bottom 2 corner drawers on the big dresser are CEDAR!
 So cool. It's like a hope chest and dresser in one!

 Painted a sweet cream white with distressed edges.
Drawer knobs and pulls painted bronzed black.

 I lined the drawers with what I'm lovingly calling the "dead composers" fabric.
 Ya know--Mozart, Bach, Handel . . .   I hope that doesn't ruin it for you . . .I REALLY like this fabric. I went to get it once and it was full price. And well, I'm the queen of never buying anything full price.  Sooo when I went back in this past week and I found it on sale . . . Voila! It was mine.
 And now maybe yours.
 The little side dressers have 3 drawers each.
 The big dresser has 9 drawers---sorta camouflaged by 22 drawer pulls!
 OOOOh, the cedar of it all!

I'm only taking offers for the whole set right now, but if I don't sell it as a set in a week or so I'll consider separating it out. So, don't be afraid to send me a note if you want to be considered for just one piece, k? 

As a set:

Oh, yeah, you're wondering about the bruised eye thing? Dropped a SOLID WOOD WALNUT DESK on my face today. OUCH! But, I'm too tired to go find my camera right now, maybe I'll get you a photo tomorrow.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Little Miss Behavin'

Ok, so you know those pieces you just LOVE but something just feels OFF
This little 1930's spin side table is so fun . . . but I'm just not feeling the finish I gave her. And I'm stuck. Go back to shabby white?  Go with some kind of vintage retro color?  What's your thoughts?

 And just for kicks and giggles . . . buyer beware. 
 Any piece my little Hoarder can cache her cache in she will.
I spun this little number around to take a photo and found all this stuff. ;) 


Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet Pea Vintage Console Table

OK, I'm not sure what this Oops color from Sherwin Williams is really called, but I'm calling it sweet pea . . . this little console table is my new favorite crush.
  I left the top totally alone besides a shine up and painted and distressed the rest.
I also added a cute little vintage floral fabric drawer liner.
Gotta Love it!
30" long, 18" deep, 28 1/2" tall


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cute Little Side Kick!

The Little Side Kick

Ok, So this little guy is named the side kick because I got him as part of a deal for a sweet little dresser--my first name for him was firewood . . .  ;P  Once again I am amazed by what a little bit of paint and tough love can do for a piece of furniture.  
I repaired the drawer, added a back support to steady him, primed, painted, distressed, glazed, and lined the drawer. Thew!  Are you tired just thinking of it all? 
 That's why these little "projects" sit around people's garages waiting for me!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moody Blue Coffee table/entry bench . . .

Moody Blue Coffee table
 or as I envision it, an entryway bench to sit and take your shoes off. If this were staying in my house I'd find some cute wicker baskets to store shoes underneath . . . But I'll leave it up to you!


Sweet! Little Blue Hall Table

Ahhhh! My favorite color is back!
 Moody blue from Sherwin Williams--think if I plug their paint they'll give me a free gallon?? ;p 
This little guy is so perfect for a hallway or entryway table.   I painted the bottom moody blue, distressed it, antiqued it with dark walnut stain to match the stained top.  Clear coat over all.  She's a beaut!
28" wide, 21 1/2" deep, 31" tall

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chicken Wire Basket . . . . Waddya think?

OK, so often the pieces of furniture I sell can really be improved by a cute basket, but I have a hard time finding what I want, in the size I want, at the price I want . . . 
 So while I was roaming the aisles at Big Orange last night I found the chicken wire and the light bulb went on!
I think it's super cute--
but I'm thinking maybe about 4-6" shorter.

Yeah, I know bathroom counter not the best spot for a photo op--but I live in a very old house and lighting is a huge issue ;)
Any bets on how long it will take one of my twin girls to confiscate it for dolls??

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beautiful Gray Bassett Dresser

This beautiful 9 drawer Bassett dresser & mirror is so perfect for a bedroom or a buffett table. It really was in pretty good shape already, but I love to make things personal, and different from what you'll find in a regular furniture store. So I pulled out my new favorite Oops paint from big blue--a soft gray color. Then I gave it a light distressing which let the dark stain show through.
 Talk about the "it" factor!
Measures 66" long, 18" deep, 32" to top of dresser, 75" to top of mirror.


click on picture to see it larger

Ooooh! Lovin' this!

Okay, I should stop drooling anytime. Really. Anytime now. I  love how this hutch and cabinet combo turned out. I painted it soft, light gray, distressed it, added vintage copper pulls to match the honey maple showing through and clear coated it all. This is a great piece of maple furniture.  The hutch can be hung or sit on the cabinet.  
 I'm definitely in love!

Click on the picture to see it larger.