Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Now that's a table . . .

When my hubby brought home this table all I could think was Wow! Someone carved all this!! I love the details . . . always a girl for a swirly or two. ;) 

 I wanted the top to have a rustic farm house feel . . . which it may be a bit too niiiice for what I was aiming for, but that's ok. I just couldn't bring myself to take chains to it.  We stripped and sanded the top, then just waxed it up with Miniwax waxing paste. 

The bottom is painted Indigo Blue from Sherman Williams and glazed with a light gray.  Hoping your loving it too!


Did you feel the chill in the air this morning?? Fall is on it's way. Getting my pumpkin on here at Paint In My Hair!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Lovin' Me Some Baby Blue!!

This little book shelf can be used either standing as is or hanging on the shelf (I think--it looks like it should. :) Painted baby blue with light distressing.


Baby Blue Twin Poster Bed

Yes, this is a girl's bed. Yes,m I painted it blue. So I do not conform to girl=pink, boy=blue very well. Not out of some mission to change society's ideas of gender identification, but simply because I think blue looks cute on girls. Baby Blue & Crystal knobs together . . . Swoon!  Hum, maybe with some pearly accents . . . Even better.

 And because I love any excuse to paint something blue.  Do you have a "color?" Well, mine is blue.  Years ago my hubby & sister-in-law conspired to get me to 'move on' from blue. Did it work . . .  I'm gonna go with a big fat NO. Have you seen my bedroom set??  ;P


Domestically Speaking

Miss matched Set of side tables

I'm all about miss matched--matched sets of furniture. I love coordinating items that are totally different in shape and style with matched paint and hardware.  These are two side tables than could be used together or purchased separately.


Can you say Firetruck Red!!

Ok, so I have to admit I totally see this in a boys room . . . oh, maybe that's because it's the same paint I used on my son's bunkbed!! ;) This coordinates with the Big Red Bookcase I highlighted yesterday. 


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update & Updated.

So to give you an update on our basement catastophe. Well, not much is happening since the carpet is still drying. Call it delaying the inevitable. A LOT OF TOY THROWING AWAY, um I meant sorting.  I saw a picture of a man wading in water up to his knees in NJ yesterday, and I was again reminded of how absolutely blessed I am. 

So I thought I'd take a moment to show you this fun Big Guy! We've had this bookcase for a long time, and honestly I just plain forget about it, so if you asked me for a bookcase before and I didn't mention this one, it was an oops on my part.

The best part was the penciled note: To Lawrence from Daddy 1948. (Yeah, I did paint over it, I thought about it for awhile and decided not everyone might be as nostalgic as me.)  There is a matching 10 drawer dresser in the store for $165 I'll show tomorrow.  It folds in half--why?? We haven't figured it out yet.  4' tall, 3' wide, 10" deep. Perfect for big books, crafts, & toys!!


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Putting it all in perspective

Well, today's post started out like this:

I can either be a Domestic Goddess or a Creative Genius, but I can not in fact be both. While I was out putting together a little photo shoot for a toy storage bench I did for my client's 4 yr old:

  LOOOOVE this vintage fabric. When I got it it still had the Bon Marche .25 tag on it. I threw some Ikea bins in that I had in the basement. (THE BASEMENT. We'll get to that in a second.)  But I'm thinking some wicker one's I have at work would be cuter.  

Well, while I was out doing that,  The Kids were doing this:

Yes, 200 small round balls now cover my house.

That seems like a big deal--because, you know little round balls are like legos & mice.  You can let 1 in your house, but you can't let 2 or they breed and multiply. 

That was before the 4 pm panic call from my hubby to close the store and come home NOW!

I came home to this:
 Back Story? Simple. Kids turned the garden hose on next to the basement window well and Hubby didn't find out until 2-3" of water flooded the entire basement. Luckily we have AMAZING family and friends who came to our rescue and helped drag everything out so we could suck the water out and start drying the carpets and concrete.

 My paint booth was at the deepest part of the water. Thank goodness I didn't have anyone else's furniture here. The sanders were in the water, so we'll see if they boot up again!
 Kids toy room was 2-3" deep with water. I might be ok if some of the battery operated ones don't reboot. ;)
 Oops, I've been outed. Yes, I might have a pathological addiction to buying oops paint. The guys who came to help made comments about my "hoarding paint."
And of course the kids just thought it was all sorts of fun! All those toys they found that had been lost for so long! I see a garage sale coming soon in our future.

On the bright side:  It was 90 degrees and dry today so it should all dry fast. And to really put things in perspective, I have a home to be flooded. I have wonderful family and friends who swooped in an waded through the puddle, and most of all--there are people who lost everything today on the East Coast. A little water on my paint gun is nothing.

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Ah! Hubby breaks the rules and gets away with it

So we had a self imposed ban on buying anymore furniture unless it was for a client.  Well, yesterday Justin brought home the cutest little buffet, so I had to forgive him.

And attack that little sucker. ;)

Here she is now in my latest favorite soft green/gray color. New pulls and light distressing!


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