Friday, September 30, 2011

Check out these

Ok, so this has got to be one of the most fun makeovers  I've done so far.

 Check out this before and after: 

And here was the side kick they painted to match, but I don't think they actually went together originally.



Still deciding if I should pull out the wicker and add chicken wire instead . . . Maybe I'll leave it up to whoever wants to take this little goody home. ;)

And here's another fun one:

These chairs are all over the place and frankly, I had no idea what to do with mine. I saw a picture in a magazine of windsor and bent wood chairs painted up to be matchy-miss matchy--and I fell in love . Could I resist?? No! Of course not.

the Befores:


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fungus Among Us

So, before we get to the jokes--
Here's my latest fav for the store:

Ok, so any paint that goes by the name of a fungus??  Mushroom?  Gotta love it. At least I do!
I still can't go on a hike through the forest without hearing my mom say "there's fungus among us!"  every time we passed a fungi.

Mushroom from Val Spar:
Soo purty on this waterfall dresser.  Newly sprayed bronzed black knobs & pulls add just the perfect contrast. And the chippiness--yes, it is on purpose. I got a funny look today from a sweet lady who apparently doesn't favor the chippy look like I do.  :)

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OK, now for the life lessons from the world of paint.  Remember, I sacrifice my own personal dignity just for your kicks and giggles. ;p  All these nuggets of knowledge were inspired by true events from a single 2 hour painting episode.

If you're bored at a party, try guessing people's age by asking them this question: While shaking a can of blue paint it opens, and spills down your arm.  What do you immediately think? a) I'm a smurf! b) I'm Megamind
Option a = 30-something who remembers the original cartoon. 
Option b = young kid. 
Option c--first a, and then b = 30-something who is the mom of young kids. 

Sign you might be painting too much:  You get a splinter and think, "hum, wouldn't it be funny if I started naming my splinters and taking pictures of them? This could be Very Thorough Thomas, Because it went in one side of my finger tip and out the other!" 
Very true, very sad story. 

Another sign you might be painting too much.  You remove your shoes so you won't track paint through the house, and then proceed to walk barefooted through the paint. And you don't discover this until you're trying to mop the kitchen floor and can't figure out where all the paint keeps coming from. yikes. It's really that bad folks.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Take a number . . .

Ok, so I know these are sorta beachy--and beachy isn't really what you think of in October. But what can I say--
 so when Justin brought home these great storage boxes I knew just where they were headed. ;) 

Oh, and before you ask me--the numbers don't mean anything. I just picked one's that were pretty. Not quite as cute as Sausha's--but I'm pretty happy. ;)  

 For the numbers I used my Cricut to create the stencils. I used ASCP Duck Egg Blue and then lightly sanded them down with 220 grit--um, yummy!

And OHHHHHH--Think of the storage possibilities--I think a whole Barbie Castle AND Little People Barn would fit in these!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A place for your book & ice cream.

Ok, so when you're sitting in your new sitting chair:

Eating your ice cream & reading your book, where are you gonna set it all down?

I'm guessing not many of you are 7 months pregnant with twins, so you can't do this:

So, you need this:

 purty isn't she?
 Love this duck egg blue from Anne Sloan's Chalk Paint.

Smiling now? 
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