Monday, October 31, 2011

Boys: Noise with dirt on it.

I can't take credit for that title, I borrowed it from Leslie over at Orphaned Decor. Man do I love it!!

My store is very girly--so I set out to make a bedroom set that was all boy and prove

Painted Furniture
 is for BOYS too!!

And golly--if I hadn't just painted a huge bunk bed / desk /dresser combo unit fire engine red for my boys I would take this home for them!  If I ever put the drawer pulls on bunk bed desk/dresser station,  I'll show you the before and afters. But I keep using the silver bucket pulls for it on customer's orders!!

Poor boys. So denied.

So Here's by latest, best All BOY bedroom set. 
And it's confession time.

I used EVERY boy prop I had in my store for this photo shoot!!
 Man, I really am biased. Like I said, Poor boys. 

BUT to my defense---have you ever noticed how much more clothing there is for baby girls???
Yeah, I may be biased, but I have LOTS of company. ;p

Twin Bed, Bookcase, Dresser & Globe

All painted in ASCP Graphite, Paris Grey Accent & a mixture of both for the middle gray stripe.

Twin Bed
Comes with side rails & supports

Vintage 4 Drawer Dresser 

Aren't these vintage pewter truck pulls awesome!!
 Love these little guys.  

Solid Wood Bookcase
Yep--Here's every boy-esque prop I have.
And yes, they're all for sale in the store.  

Love this little iron car thing-a-ma-bobber 

And here is my subliminal advertising if you didn't catch it:

"Buying Paint In My Hair furniture will result in your child reading Shakespeare, Hemingway, & Dostoevsky."

BWAH Haa Haa haa!
(evil capitalistic laugh)

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Never take a mistake for granted

Here's a pretty little custom order My Hubby completed. I had actually painted this dresser in crisp ASCP Pure White but then before I finished it someone decided it was a perfect fit for their needs--but in ASCP Arles Yellow.

And wow!! What a difference. I love Pure White with a really dark stained top--but I gotta say this combo might just be a new addiction for me.

So with this intro I wanted to share a bit of encouragement for all you out there who are just starting out on a new craft or talent. With any new skill there is a lot of "reinventing the wheel" as I call it. You make lots of mistakes because you don't know what you're doing. You don't know what boo-boo's might happen so you don't know how to prevent them. You don't know that your "great idea" will actually cause a big OOPS! that will lead to a complete redo.

 It's worth it's weight in gold. Don't be overwhelmed when you have a complete redo because of a mistake. Now you know next time what not to do. And with every mistake is knowledge gained. Eventually you'll be faster and better at what you do because of that experience. 

Read, read, read other people's advice and tutorials.  If you haven't already discovered Miss Mustard Seed she's pretty much done every tutorial out there. You can spend hours on her blog!
So as frustrating as mistakes, boo-boo's, and oopsie-daisie's are . . . They're part of becoming an artist.  You will be better because of them.

Even if you do repaint a desk 6 times because you don't know that tannin bleed has to be stopped with an Oil based primer not water based. yeah. 6 times.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I love Fall!

There is something about crisp autumn air in my lungs, bright colored leaves on the ground, and warm glowy sunlight slanting through the trees that makes me love Fall.

It all started years ago when as a college student I went for a run down a mountain trail on a day just like this. I won't ever forget the feeling of change in the air.

Call me a gypsy, but I LOVE change. I love new things, I love the planning, preparing, and thinking through each little detail.  You could say I'm a builder
--not necessarily a maintainer--
that would be all of you spring chickens who get excited over spring cleaning. ;P 

New adventures and experiences, soaking in each moment and taking away the best parts . . . There's just something about a sunny, crisp fall day that energizes my spirit.

So it's not hard to figure out why this is my latest favorite spot for furniture photo shoots.  Even if it is a little impractical to put a piece of indoor furniture outside in the middle of a pile of leaves under a sap dripping, bird pooping tree--it's like the shoes on models wear walking down the runway--
it's all for looks, not for real life.
Love this ornate little hall table & mirror.

Just my style--matchy-miss matched!
The table was painted in ASCP Coco and dark waxed.

The mirror was painted in Provence, then Coco,
 then dark waxed.
Oh, and she was gold to start with!
Talk about a gypsy.  

 Both were distressed pretty well.

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