Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolution Day 5: Look For Marshmallow Clouds

Ok, I guess I need a little back story with that title . . .

One day as I was making dinner, my kids were crying. Not just crying.

Wailing. Shrieking. Biting. Fighting. Flopping on the ground.

  All I wanted to do was be a good mom. Make them dinner. Feed them with love and nourishment. How is a mom supposed to do that when she can't even walk from the sink to the stove without 3 or 4 children clinging to her pants like there was a tornado coming??

The thought hit me. I'll just be a grandma for a moment. I grabbed a bunch of mini-marshmallows and threw them in the air and screamed!

The room was silent.

Then awareness hit my children.

MOM just threw CANDY on the floor.

Suddenly squeals of delight and laughter! They forgot their misery and I bought myself enough time to get dinner on the table.

So now when the kids are over the top, we grab a bunch of candy and ask, "Hey, does anyone see M & M clouds??"   It works.  Believe me when you have 4 kids under 6 you'll get creative too.

What does all this have to do with a New Years Resolution?? Well, I'm learning that sometimes the secret to happiness is letting go of all the written and unwritten rules in our lives. 

No, you don't feed your child candy before dinner.

No, you don't ignore the dishes so you can sit and wrestle with your kids.

No, you don't let your child sleep in whatever they want--we have pajama's.

No, you don't go to the grocery store without makeup.  Someone might see you.

No, you don't close your store on the busiest shopping day of the year to be with family.

No, you don't  . . .

There are so many things we hold ourselves to. Sometimes it helps to take a lesson from kids and let go of all those rules. So, heck, if you want to wear a princess costume 6 days in a row and eat your sandwich top to bottom instead of side to side, why not.

Choose your battles and
stick with what's important.
Let the other stuff go.

Last year's Santa Photo just to make you smile.

Happy New Years Everyone!!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolution Day 4: Remember Who You Are

Ok, so am I the only one who took till 29-and-holding to realize I don't have to try to be someone else??

Oooooh, but I've always wanted soooo badly to be that uber cute, always perfectly styled, always says the right thing girl with a perfectly manicured house.

 Hum, yeah. Not so much.

  I will always HATE doing my hair and makeup. I will occasionally be capable of coming up with a super chic and fashion forward outfit.

Occasionally being about once every few years.

  And I will always have brain-to-mouth filter problem.

 Hello foot, meet mouth.

That's me.  And I'm learning to love who I am.  So what if most of my clothing is covered with paint. I had a BLAST getting it there.  And I may say too much sometimes and chat people's head off, but I've been the opposite--the person who kept it all inside. And I choose to be a chatty cathy. 

And the Most Liberating Acceptance of ALL--
I give you all PERMISSION to adapt this motto. 

 I KNOW what it takes to keep my house perfectly clean.

And . . .

 I. Am. Not. Interested.

Let me repeat:

 I. Am. Not. Interested.

Yep, I said it. I CHOOSE to have a sloppy house.  Absolutely liberating and empowering. I no longer have that nagging sensation to clean constantly.

 Yep, go ahead. Feel free to steal.

Now let's put that in perspective. I still clean my bathroom every other week (used to be every week, but then I had kids. Bye, bye free time.)  I still do between 1 and 3 loads of dishes everyday and 14-20 loads of laundry every week.  Sweep every day. . .
 I just don't bother with the daily mopping, constant toy picking up, couch reassembling, and bed making and that sort of gibberish.

Yep. I know who I am and I happy to be me. Well most of the time. I could do with out the varicose veins and carpel tunnel. ;p 

Here's an ugly duckling redo for fun. I wanted to feature it with today's resolution because it has so many elements that I love. Basic clean lines, Neutral beachy colors, and a pop of modern in the black drawer pulls. 

Also I think this is one of my favorite stylings I've done. I just love the way the geometric lines come together with all the architectural salvage. A pop of silver. A pop of blue.  And my boy. This picture is not for sale. It's reminds me of my little 5 year old rascal who is always getting in trouble, but so sweet about being sorry later. ;)

Please check the finished pieces button for pricing and availability!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolution Day 3

New Year's Resolution Day 3:

“fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

Gotta love that Pioneer logic!

Tomorrow I'm sure I'll be full of profound thoughts and inspirations . . . full of advice making do with less . . . but right now I'm drawing a Big. Fat. Blank.  

 So here's a fun little idea a customer showed me and then I looked up on pinterest. . . turning ugly 1980's entertainment centers into play kitchens.  I love the idea of turning something that NOBODY wants anymore into a fantastic STURDY toy for the kids.


 Really, if you have distructo-matic kids like mine then sturdy counts for a whole lot. 

We were up till 5 am on Christmas Eve working on this for the twins, and then we missed the big surprise when we slept in and the kids woke up before us!!!

Entertainment Center turned Play Kitchen
A flip down table for snacking, A hand painted clock with working hands (sorta working, they flop) and stamped numbers, and a little shelf for pretties.
(With much cuter shelf brackets coming as soon as I figure out the incredibly smart place I put them so I wouldn't lose them.)  

I trimmed down an old wooden window to fit and added a picture of my mom's backyard and curtains.  Justin did 90% of the work, converting the dark glass tower to a fridge/freezer, added the sink and burners and flipped the hinges on the storage cabinets so the oven would flip down.

I decided on neutral retro colors since I have one Purple princess and one Pink Princess, so I didn't want to favor color over the other. ;)

And yep, we will make you one. ;)
Contact us for details if you're interested.

Thanks! Jessica

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Day 2

New Year's Resolution Day 2

Pamper Yourself like a Princess

So often we give, give, give to others--
it's hard to remember that it's OK to give to ourselves once in awhile.

My favorite indulgence??
Taking an extra 5 minutes in the shower to do an
 over-the-counter microdermabrasion facial.  Love it!

I think often it's easy to justify the money, time, and effort spent on doing something for someone else, but harder to  justify doing it for ourselves. 

So this year make the pledge to take an extra moment to do something special for yourself--even if it is just giving yourself the day off.

Yep, even as a stay-at-home mom I would occasionally 'allow' myself a day off to do nothing but watch 6 hours of Pride and Prejudice--excepting of course when I had to take care of the necessities of life for my babies--i.e. food, diapers, loves  . . . 

No laundry, let the dishes pile up,
 let the toys be strewn far and wide. 

 It'll all be there tomorrow. 

This year remember to treat yourself like a Princess.
 (or Prince. ;)

Here's a little Fairy Tale Worthy Vanity I made up for the store.

 Perfect for pampering a Princess.

Painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey
with Old Violet in the details.
Clear Waxed and New knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Please see the finished pieces button for pricing and availability.

In case you missed it,
New Years Resolution Day 1

And don't forget my Spokane Grapevine Discount Card givaway if you live in the Spokane Area.

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New Years Resolution Day 1

Christmas is over for another year, Next up . . . New Years!

I know you've been making your list . . .
and ignoring it as least twice? right?

The New Year is just around the corner, and so to get you excited motivated at least thinking about your goal for next year, I'm going to dedicate every post this week to New Years Resolutions!!

Day One

Organize Your Life!
Or at least get the coolest organizer ever.

This little Brainiac spent the first part of her life in the geography lab at a university. No longer a nerdy frump, this little Caterpillar is now a beautiful butterfly!

 12 Drawers of Organizing Lusciousness!

 It's tall--not sure, but over 5' 4" at least! ;)


Painted In Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Emperor's Silk
Clear waxed, then Dark Waxed
Original handles polished.

Please check Finished Pieces button for pricing and availability

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Giveaway Winner is . . . .

Cheryl J. !!!

I left you a message on your phone! 

Congratulations and thanks for playing everyone!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Really, Christmas is this weekend?

Well, I guess I better start on Christmas for my own kids,  huh??

 Good thing is since they're 1, 3, 3, & 5, they'll be happy with a bunch of $1 toys from the dollar store!! We have pretty big ideas for stuff we want to build, but we'll see if it all happens. ;) 

I've been working like mad on custom orders for other folks, but I'm managed to fit in a few new goodies for the shop!

Here's a fun little 4 drawer dresser I painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Coco and then brushed in hints of French Linen & Duck Egg for kicks and giggles.

Also I REALLY have been dying to use the blue crackle knobs I found at Hobby Lobby awhile ago. I painted the top 9 knobs Duck Egg--well in all honesty-- I painted them . . .

Are you ready for this??

First I Brasso'ed them to see if I just wanted to leave them brass colored.
Nope. So I sprayed them . . .
Bronzed Black . . .
Duck Egg . . .
Then Distressed them and too much Duck Egg came off so I had a little black bulls eye in the center.
Then I tried Step two again.
Still had a bull's eye.
so I painted them AGAIN  in Duck Egg.
Add a couples steps of Shellac in there.
Yeah. I painted them like 6 times.

Even those of us who paint 10 pieces of furniture a week have those problem pieces.

But here they are in all their Duck Egg Glory!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Giveaway that Gives Back!!

I love finding great ways to help out in the community, and if I can help two people at once so much the better!

So let me introduce you to a new discount program I am supporting because it's an all around great program!

Spokane Grapevine Discount Card

Here's how it works:

You donate $25 to one of the charity organizations partnered up with
 and receive a discount card good at over 100 local Spokane merchants.  Really, take a moment to check out all the great merchants partnered up--so many of the discounts offered pay for the card in only one visit!

Here's a partial list of participating merchants and it grows everyday!!
  1. Round Table Pizza North
  2. Round Table Pizza Valley
  3. Round Table Pizza South Hill
  4. Gold's Gym North
  5. Ammo Head Design
  6. Pick-N-Pull
  7. Red Dragon Hillyard
  8. Red Dragon South Hill
  9. Ritters Nursery
  10. Hillyard Variety
  11. Eagle's Nest Espresso
  12. Boley Insurance agency
  13. Pro-Lube North
  14. Glamirita
  15. Dr. Grummons Orthodontics
  16. Mamma Mias
  17. Home By Design
  18. Hillyard Variety
  19. Idaho Scenic Images
  20. Inman Photography
  21. Just Roses Plus
  22. Karenois
  23. Les Schwab
  24. Lolo Boutique
  25. N.W. Artistic Photography
  26. Orphaned Decor
  27. Paint In My Hair
  28. Roots Salon
  29. Schentsy Diann Johnson
  30. Simply Being
  31. Simply Chictiques
  32. Skin Care by Yisel
  33. Small Beginnings Photograpy
  34. Smiles of Spokane Dr. Todd Rogers DDS
  35. Something Else Deli
  36. Sports Clips
  37. Stimson Contracting
  38. Studio H Advertising
  39. The Bag Lady
  40. The Heart Of Spokane
  41. Tijuana Tan
  42. Tinman Gallery
  43. Tinman Too
  44. United Hillyard Mall
  45. Veda Lux Boutique
  46. Wild Dawgs
  47. Aloha Island Grill
  48. A Personal Fit
  49. Artemis
  50. Back In Motion Chiropractic
  51. Barbary Coast
  52. Bark and Snip
  53. Business Cents
  54. BusyBee Recycling
  55. Eclectic Gifts
  56. Elysium
  57. Garland Sandwich Shop
  58. Gatto's Pizza in Cheney
  59. Glamarita Clothing And Accessories
  60. Golds Gym
  61. Golden Vision Photography
  62. Farm Fit
  63. Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park
  64. Action Materials
  65. Chap's Restaurant 
I am selling the cards for Cancer Patient Care  here at my Boutique

--note I am just the vehicle for distributing the cards--
this is in no way putting a penny in my pocket, k? 

So everyone benefits!! You get great discounts at all these local merchants and the Charity gets the help they need to help others!

To kick this off I am offering two promotions!

I am giving away a Grapevine Discount Card
away on New Years Day!!

To enter my giveaway, please follow my blog and then leave a comment on this post about your favorite way to give back to the community.  Your comment is your entry.

For 2nd chance to enter, come into my Boutique and fill out a second entry form.

2nd Promotion:

I am including a Grapevine Discount Card for every class or workshop you sign up for during the month of January--

So basically I am donating $25 of your class fee to Cancer Patient Care and you get the card! Neato huh??

This is a great organization who helps people, and need and I would really like to see these cards sell fast!

If you are a local Spokane area business and you'd like to get in on the Spokane Discount Card go here.  It costs nothing to participate and you determine your discount offer.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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