Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Happy Ending!

I used a technique learned in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshops or in her books that involves adding paint to the wax. Colors were Chateau Grey as the base and Old white mixed with French Linen in the wax.

Definitely, I've gotta say, I'm not really a "class" person--the whole ADHD thing really doesn't jive well with listening and following directions, but I would definitely recommend taking a class from your local stockist if you haven't already.

When I received my official training as a local retail partner, I thought I was pretty good.

But WOW!

There is so much more to learn. I really think of this paint as so much more than just paint--more like an entirely different medium.

There is so much more that just slapping on the paint with a brush that you can do-
Not to say that you can't just slap it on and get something beautiful!
And another super exciting event is
Annie's North American Tour,
so if you really want a fantastic experience, you can attend this full day workshop in one of 5 cities. Follow this link Stockists from all over the nation will be helping Annie teach these workshops!! You may even see me in San Fransisco!

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  1. How GORGEOUS! I can see that in my kitchen....L O V E .... Sigh!

  2. Beautiful piece and beautifully done

  3. another fabulous piece- i love the shape of this and the open middle- gorgeous!

  4. I have really been wanting to try the whole paint/wax technique! This is such a pretty project. Love the color.

  5. This is simply gorgeous! Thank you for the pics!