Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Channel your inner Child

Ok, so I've been feeling pretty formal lately, so I thought it was time to bring in some fun colors . . .

But first I'm gonna have to tell you about how I found my inner child  . . .

 Ok, really I just want a chance to talk about my kids--'cause that's what all moms love to do right??

Last night while I was making a batch of brownies, my kids thought it was funny to start bringing the couch cushions into the kitchen. Well, all four of them were playing so nicely together, I didn't have the heart to stop them.  I stepped out of the kitchen for a few minutes. Then James my "informer" came to tell me to come see what they had done.

Yep, I never knew I led such a cushioned life. That's my kitchen with wall-to-wall cushioning.

Well, I decided to make the best of it. I lay down and tried my darnest to convince the kids it was nap time.  Maybe that didn't work, but we did have fun playing blanket forts for awhile. 

Finally I set the timer for cleaning up. And would you believe for the first time in the existence of our family--

they actually all helped--without crying???

Even my baby helped take the pillows back upstairs!

And here they're laughing because they were "sooo silly" putting the seat cushions on top and the top cushions on bottom.

You, know I learned something. I really underestimate the capability of my children sometimes!  Of course promises of ice cream and brownies helped their motivation.

Ok, thanks for letting me blab. Back to furniture!!

This is my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence Set.
I actually used a custom mixture of about every AsCP color to make the brown--with a bit of brown and black latex thrown in. I was trying to match a customer's bench, so I had a LoT left over since I kept having to mix more to get the right color!

The top blue is Provence chalk Paint. I heavily distressed it just for kicks and giggles. The drawer pulls are new. 

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sorry I was MIA for a few days, I've got lots of photos edited and ready for posts, so I should do better this week. ;)


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  1. I just found your blog (thanks to my mom in Spokane)! I can't believe it...I feel like I already know you. Little kids, painting all the time, you know how it goes. My house is usually a big disaster with all the projects...

    I just moved from Spokane to Raleigh last summer and used to shop all the stores on Monroe all the time! I miss them all. I could spend hours at The Vintage Rabbit. When did you open your shop? That's awesome your able to do that with the little ones.

    Do you bring your furniture to the vintage shows? I miss hauling my stuff around...there's nothing like that here.

    Glad I found you!


  2. Love this post. My kids and I have days like this (when hubby is out of town). We tend to leave it for a day or two-well, maybe not in the kitchen:-). Love that you "go with the flow" when it's flow'n!

  3. ooh i love the shape of that dresser! that is awesome!!!
    and i love the kids- makes my life feel so much more normal! :)

  4. Beautiful dresser and beautiful kids you have. Isn't it wonderful when they are all getting along and you hear the laughter. Always puts a smile on my face :)

  5. I love the pieces youve done! Love the color choices too:)That dresser is shaped just like one I had as a kid{VINTAGE} lol Stop over some time and chat and follow me as Im following you:) Deidre~