Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Owning your own Business = an excuse to buy toys!!

Really, we all love new toys right?? Am I the only one who gets giddy over new drills, routers, & gathering feet??  Oh, the joy of having


Seriously--have you ever tried to hand gather 9 yards of netting for a tutu??? Two words. Gathering Foot.
Aaaah, yeah.

Why to the pros make it look so easy--
well for one--experience.
But a BIG two is having the right tool.
And the right tool usually costs $$

Wait, let me fix that.
Yep, that should cover it.

But as a business owner,
often having the right tool will save big bucks in the long run.

See my store sign:
(that'd be Mr. Paint In My Hair risking life and limb for me. ;)

The estimates I got for a new sign were over $1,000!!!
Well, I got a new $399 Cricut (paid $199 on sale) and some oops! paint I did it myself for a whole lot less.
And I got a Cricut out it!

How we got it UP there--well that's another story.
The bottom of the sign it 13' in the air!!

Let's just say I could only watch my hubby standing on a ladder--which was on top of our trailer--which was riding up on the sidewalk--on a very busy street-- for as long as it took to take this picture!

 I was way too nervous to watch.

So, back to excuses to buy new tools.
Back in November I got an order to paint and reupholster

a chair 
 a table
 a chair-table.

Well, I've always made do with my 18 gauge stapler for upholstery, but it doesn't really do well in tight spots. So I decided this was the perfect time to go big!

I got my self a REAL upholstery stapler.  A Fasco F1-B.  Yippee!!

See how much wood I had to staple into?? That 1/4" edge? Yikes. Definitely warranted a REAL upholstery stapler.  
 This is after I had painted it in
 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Duck Egg Blue
and then clear and dark waxed it.

The Chair-Table! 
Sorry, this piece is already sold. ;)

Thanks for Stopping by!


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  1. The very 1st "toy" I bought was an upholstery stapler! Its been the best investment I ever made! I stood at the window waiting for the mail lady like she was santa! My mom most girls get excited about diamonds, you get excited about a sander, haha. I knew I wasn't the only one :-) that chair-table looks great

  2. Sounds like me with the paint sprayer I got a few months ago- it was like a little piece of heaven in my hands! And that piece is amazing! I'm totally jealous of whoever owns that!

  3. I told everyone who asked I wanted Home Depot cards for Xmas! Air tools are awesome!

  4. The best gift I ever got was a tool box all set up with hand me down tools when I was 20! Those are some cool tools, and looks what it allowed you to create. The chairtable is gorgeous!

  5. Tomorrow is my birthday and my mom ordered me a portable air conditioner for my garage for working in the summer time!!!!! The only downside is it is January and I can't use it yet. Yes, I too get giddy over tools, not diamond!~Brandy

  6. AWESOME job on the sign, and wow do i love that chair! it is so funky, and that color is perfect with those details... wow!

  7. That piece is a work of art! The colors are beautiful and the paint brings out the lovely carved details. Visiting from FFF.

    And nice job on the sign!

  8. That is a beauty! Love how well the colors in the upholstery tie in to the framework. It's almost like you know what you are doing:)Way to be resourceful with the sign too!

  9. Wow! I love that piece. Lucky lady who snagged it up. I know what you mean about 'tools'. I once asked for a weed eater for Mothers Day. Hubby thought i was nuts, but one of the best gifts I ever got. I love that Duck Egg blue ASCP. I want to try using it so bad. My hubby just hung a heavy old window in our family room. The wall is 20 ft. so it's up there a bit. I had to cover one eye. Scary but well worth it. Hubby did good on yours. Love the sign! I am now a new follower.

  10. I think I am about to faint! That chair is so amazing!!! Your sign turned out awesome too. I really need to stop by the store - I drive by it

  11. That looks great, Jessica! I don't think I've ever seen a chair and table combo like that before. Love the detailing. Great sign, too! I wouldn't have been able to watch my hubby up so high either.

  12. What a beautiful and unique chair! I would love for you to share this at our link party


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