Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Using up the spares

Ok, First---

I'm having a

Valentines Special
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Mini-Workshop!

Come have fun with your significant other learning
 Annie's Two Color Painting Technique
 on a small home decor item you get to take home!

 Special attention is given to Clear and Antique Waxing during this class.

$65 Includes everything!
Find a friend, spouse, significant other and it's

Buy one, get one free!!

Valentines Night

9:00 pm-11:00 Girls' night Non-Valentines Party! 
Same class--Just for the ladies!

Seating is limited . . . :)

On to furniture . . .

"Oh, Jessica, I love this shade of white. Will you make me a dresser this EXACT shade!"

"Well, D.C. (dear customer) I would love to, but I haven't the foggiest how I made it."

Yeah, this is how the conversation runs in my mind every time I take every almost empty can of white paint I have and throw it all together on a piece. 

Yeah, I paint like my mom cooks.

OH, a dash of this and a hint of that. And a chug chug of what ever this is. And hum, I wonder what this would do???
Oops, how can I fix that?  Well maybe I'll just throw in some of this. 

 Wow! I love it!

And I'll probably never be able to do it again. . .

That was what I thought of the buffet I painted in Chateau Grey with a mixed paint and wax finish in this post.
I loved it, but could I do it again???

Well, I had to try . . .

And practice makes perfect!! I even picked up a new love--not buffing the wax to a shine. We Americans . . .we're soo shiny. Look at our teeth.

What about a nice, soft, suede finish? Really, if you're in town, you've got to come by and give this thing a feel.

Hum, velvety like a truffle! Which I wouldn't mind having a box of right now. Chocolates, not fungus.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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