Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Orleans and Meeting Annie Sloan

Well, I could complain about how many tech glitches I've had in the past month--but let's just sum up by saying that all the photos I took in New Orleans and stored on my new computer and my NEW external hard drive got corrupted. And since I have wiped my NEW computer to return it (not happy) I lost everything. I had to steal from my own Facebook page!! Here's what I have, luckily there are some cute ones--but mostly artsy fartsy--

The Fabulous Annie Sloan and myself in New Orleans

How amazing was it to be taught by the original master herself!!

 Really she takes all the fear out of painting. We Americans love our straight lines and perfect finishes a bit too much. She's so organic when she paints; she doesn't mind a bit of 'grunge' in the paint, brush strokes, accidental bits of color from an old piece of sand paper--whatever!--for Annie it's all about letting the piece of furniture speak to you. Let serendipity happen and you'll find the true inner artist!!

 I mean--we can all go to IKEA and get a factory finish right??? With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you're getting a hand painted piece of ART!! She was so inspiring! Let go and let art happen.

  Playing with the new features in Picasa---Here are some pics of the set up tables before we started our workshop.
 More pretty pics

the Catholic Church in the French Quarter of NOLA

I love the juxtaposition of the beautiful french curvy iron work and the modern billboard--gator and all!

Love these colors!!

 Yeah, ok I know it's just a rose--but in March!! We still have snow in Spokane folks!

 Here's the Fabulous Spokane set! Val Oxendahl and Nancy Jones of Artworks Spokane and Me!
 Ok, somebody else said it . . . Snack time?  I'm pretty sure this is the ugliest bird ever!!
 Jolie Designs treated us to a magnificent dinner at the stunning Elms Mansion! Here's the sunsetting as we went in.

And the sunsetting on the gardens . . .
Thanks guys for hanging in there with me! I wish I had more pics to share. You still have a chance to be taught by Annie Sloan herself! Click here to see who to sign up! 5 more stops are still open.
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  1. Hi Jessica,

    That picture of you and Annie is cute! It was nice to meet you at the tour, and can't wait to start implementing some of my tips and tricks we learned!! I have soooo many pictures, I'm probably going to do a video blog post hahaha.