Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feelin' Artsy Fartsy

First of all I wanted to say a big Thank You to Maryann over at Domestically Speaking for featuring me TWICE on last week's Power of Paint Party Spotlight!  

 For my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Graphite and Dark Wax painted buffet featured in this post.

  And my Bling, Bling piece for a client I featured in this post.

Now on to this week's little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint feature. Sometimes I get the awesome chance to just let a piece speak to me and tell me where it needs to go. This little dresser started out just like any on other unpainted piece of pine furniture. I love dealing and selling real wood pieces since I know they'll withstand a little beating. I also love it when I get the chance to make them uber unique and special for someone to take home.

If I named my furniture (egads--I can't imagine finding enough names! I'd be to the double ZZ's by now) this little guy would have a foresty name--like Woodland Elf. 
Let me tell you how serendipity happened. Remember I said unpainted Pine? Yeah, never been painted. And well, I'll be the first to admit that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a bit expensive to use as primer, so I shellacked it first to seal the raw wood and pine holes which will bleed through.

I then sprayed it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Versailles--a soft buttery Green color. And in case you're wondering, I use a Graco Spray Station 3900 from Lowe's. It's cheap and accurate. Don't try to paint your house though, you'll be there till next year. But for furniture it's perfect because there's hardly any over spray. And at only $149 I can afford to have two--one for each paint booth! No, I'm not getting anything for sharing, I just get asked a lot. And they have great customer service, so I thought I'd give the shout out. ;) 

Remember since Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is so incredibly thick and full of goodness- water it down about 20% to start and then play with it from there. Every color will be different. 
Next I sprayed the piece in my own custom espresso color--2 parts Graphite, 1 part Primer Red, 1 Part Olive Green and a tsp or so of straight black pigment.  (I bought a gallon from Lowe's, but most paint stores will set a bit to you.)
After it dried I sanded it back with 220 on my orbital sander. And wonder of all wonders, the pine wood was raised along the grain lines and so I ended up with this beautiful pattern!! I couldn't have created this if I had WANTED to, only accidentally! Love it!  Wouldn't it be so cute in a little kids bedroom with forest animals and owl's to decorate??

Yeah, I know. My total inability to take a straight photo. The straightener tool in Picassa is my BFF.

This particular piece is for sale in our store.  Check finished pieces for pricing and availability

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Jessica. Much appreciated, Susan

  2. i loe that- i really love that the graining shows through!