Sunday, April 22, 2012

Playing with Color--girly style

Before I was a mom, wait, Mom--that deserves caps right?!?

I really never bought into the whole super commercial side of children's clothing wear. My girls would wear cute, but funky and unique clothing!  I totally had in mind what they would wear. No license wear here!

Like I said. That was before I had children. And before I had 3 year old girls.
And back when I thought I would get to have ANY SAY WHATSOEVER in what my children wore.

And I definitely didn't buy into the pink is for girls theory. Personally, I think baby blue is gorgeous for girls.
Yes, well apparently my girls didn't get the memo.  And I quote:

Dear Heavenly Father:
Please bless pink piggy,
and pink heart,
and pink flower,
and pink bunny,
 and pink . . .

Because now I know. Pink should be accessorized by rose, fuchsia, magenta, and blush.
Duh, Mom!
So, any mom of little girls will get why this dresser is the stuff little girls dream of!
Pink on pink accessorized by pink!

My hubby pulled this dresser from my nanny's boyfriend's pick up truck as he was hauling it to the dump! It was totally falling apart--but in the way you want to have something fall apart! Just coming apart a the seams.  A clamp and glue pulled it back together. And  few new drawer glides.
I added the wood flourishes to girly it up. 

  Here's a good angle shot that shows the slightly pink hue of the knobs.

 Annie talks about color mixing here on her website.

And here is an image of how she mixed Emperor's Silk with old white to achieve different hues of pink:

Adding Old White

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  1. what a fun piece! i love doing unexpected colors on waterfall dressers- they are so perfect for it!