Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Worth a moment

First I've got to give a shout out to my big sister--

For all of you who wonder how I do what I do with 4 kids, take a moment to read my sister's new blog. She's a mom of 6, including 5 boys.


Ok, so now it all makes sense right?? I grew up in a family of 7. There are now 24--almost 25 (no, not me) grand kids--17 of which are boys--16 of which are under 16.  So family get togethers???

 Let's just say the Peep War is on Saturday. 

Let me share a few family memories with ya.  Raise your hand if any of these ring a bell, and I'll send you an Order of the Compulsive Crafters Sisterhood Pin.

Cutting your frozen french bread loaf with a band saw?

Waking up to hear your mother tearing down a wall at 9 am?

Listening to your mom explain why she uses permanent marker for eye liner?  (stays put longer)

Ever had to pick up 100 pine cones before you could get back in the car?? (that was during the pine cone wreath years)

Did you automatically assume you could show your mom a picture of a prom dress in the Nordstroms catalog and she would remake it for you?

Did you then carry on this attitude to make your own wedding dress without a pattern?

Hum. Yeah. That was a lot of work. A lot.

Did you ever, as a self conscious 16 year old whine to your mom about hauling manure in your car?

Were you 16 before you ever had a professional hair cut--and then it was only because you paid for it yourself? 

Like I've said before:

Welcome to world of “hum, I think I can build that better . . .”
It’s the planet right next to “hum, I think this recipe would be better if I just added this . . . “
Which is of course in the solar system of “Oh, well I can just make that . . .”

Of course most of us are referring to hair bows when we say "I can just make that".
 Not 3 story houses.  That'd be my mom.

And that is how I ended up a furniture upcycler and business owner with 4 kids under 6.

And, because this blog is about furniture, here's one of my latest tips!!

Did you know that the Annie Sloan Dark Wax makes a beautiful stain--color and top coat all in one!
And the feel . . . like butr!

This vintage buffet was stained on top with Annie Sloan Dark Wax 3 times, and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Graphite on the bottom.

Can you find Waldo in this picture? No, just me taking a photo with my cell phone? Nice.

Thanks for stopping by!


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