Thursday, May 3, 2012

Primary Colors Day 2: Call me Mellow Yellow

These little side tables were repurposed from a failing vanity. The low drop center vanity no longer had a mirror--so really it was asking me to make it into side tables!
Maybe not asking me to hack it to death in a fit of ADHD-ness with a dull chainsaw. . . but that's another story. 

Not so pretty huh?
 And much bondo and wood filler later . . . . Goorgie-Goo! Love this mellow, rich yellow. On this set I painted 2 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Arles and applied both Clear and Dark Soft Wax.

 The top was strip sanded and restained with Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax.
 Tips for strip sanding:
 Work your way through the grits: I like to start with 60, then 120, and finally finish with 220.
 First use a vacuum hose or shop vac to suck all the sanding dust out. Vacuuming pulls the dust out instead of pushing it in.

 Next use a slightly damp microfiber cloth (read: no lint) to wipe way any remaining dust.
 Using a lint free cloth liberally apply your first coat of Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax.
 See: Liberal.
Most of this first coat will soak in. Wipe back the excess with a clean lint free cloth or towel.
 After the first coat. Wait at least 8 hours and continue with more coats.
 After the 3rd coat.
I ended up doing 4 on this piece--the texture is just like silk when you're done!!

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  1. I'm just dying to paint a piece of furniture yellow. These are so cheerful and pretty!

  2. Gorgeous, thanks for the tips on the dark wax. Sandy x

  3. Beautiful and a new way to use the dark wax-thank you!!!

  4. Perfect yellow color for the pair!

  5. love those! love that color combined with the wood top- they are so rich and warm!