Saturday, May 19, 2012

Striae Gray Table with Red Damask Chairs

I love mixed styles and colors for an unexpected look. Sometimes it works and sometimes we have moments of silence for the death of what really was an incredible idea . . . Followed by a big ol' repaint session. 

And then sometimes I listen to my hubby. Glad I did on this one. He REALLY wanted to paint these chairs red. As in--when I sold the first 4 he painted in Emperor's Silk to a sweet couple, he went out and found 6 more and painted those red as well.  The table is his work as well. We have no idea why the table ended up with a slightly striae finish on top, but it's gorgeous and I'm definitely going to try figure out how he did it, which might be a slightly quixotic endeavour considering he has no idea. But, I'll try.

Blab. Blab. Blab.
Just show us the pics Jess!

Table painted in Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT™  1/2 Graphite & 1/2 Paris Grey and 2 coats of Clear Soft Wax and the chairs in Emperor's Silk with a very light Dark Soft Wax glazing.
Red Damask fabric is from Hancock's.

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  1. Love it! Is Emperor's Silk really that red? My previous exposure to it made it appear to have a pinkish tint. I need a good red!

  2. That is gorgeous! I have a table and chairs just like that to do some day. Great inspiration!!!

  3. Love those red chairs! The damask fabric is the perfect choice for them. Gteat job!

  4. i love those chairs! the red is so stunning!

  5. awww. we think you're sweet too.