Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1 Girl. 1 Can. 1 Day.

Ok, I've been dying to try this ever since I saw One Girl In Pink's post on the 10 projects she did with one can of Chalk Paint ™ decorative paint and 2 tester pots.

So yesterday I had an order for an Old Ochre side table. I opened a new can and got started.  And Old Ochre is such a great color I decided to shoot a table and gossip bench I had around. And why not a chair and some picture frames for that art project I've been planning.  And then someone dropped off an old TV cabinet so I cleaned that up and shot it.

Then I thought--whoa--I'm at 8! Let's go for 10! Well, I got to 11.75 before my can ran out!

Girl Scouts Honor. 1 can.

Ok, I know you all want the specs.

Color: Old Ochre-- which in my opinion gets the best one coat coverage of all the white/creams. Another fav for coverage is Paris Grey

Application: HVLP Graco Spraystation 3900 with 20% water added to the paint.  Two coats were sprayed on each piece.

Hours: Worked the pieces from totally dirty, defunct raw stage to first coat of Clear Soft Wax in the following times: 11:30 am-2 pm,  2:30-4:15, 9:30 pm-1:30 am.  (Yes, I know you're all seeing an element of crazy here--but it's easier to work when the store is closed and the kids are asleep.)

Here are my pagent gals:
1 French Provincial Side Table
1 Gossip Bench
1 TV Cabinet which will be turned into an Ipod Player
3 Chairs (One of which will need a final touch up coat--that's the .75)
1 double flip round table
3 large Picture frames
1 ceramic jug
1 metal container thingy

 I probably could have finished the chair on the right if I had decided I was heavily distressing the table BEFORE I put a perfect top coat on it--which I later sanded almost completely off. ;)
Ok, yeah I know this isn't typical--I normally expect to paint 2 large pieces of furniture (think 9 drawer dresser) 2 coats each--out of one can. Some colors go farther due to their unique makeup and some need more coats.  But still--considering the value of my time--to get this many pieces done in one day?! I'd say that's a well spent $3.31 a piece on paint!

Of course those of you who know me, know the real accomplishment here. That would be me keeping my ADHD in check long enough to paint 12 pieces the same color. ;)

thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thank you! Some people don't believe me when I tell them. I will show them your post.

  2. Holy Hannah! You work fast, girl!!! I can't imagine getting that many pieces done in a day. Incredible, and they look amazing! :-)

  3. That is allot of painting.I like that color too.I will have to give it a try.Wish I had a spray gun.So much faster and easier too.

  4. That is seriously alot of painting for one day. I'm with Anne, I need the spray gun also. I've got alot of painting to do in the next year and i'm sure it is a good investment

  5. Pretty darned amazing! Obviously, a sprayer is the way to go. I seriously need a good one like yours. You even got the seats covered in beautiful fabric. You're my new hero!

  6. Amazing! Love the color... And your discipline for sticking with it so long! Found you thru the power of paint party. I am Jen from www.migonishome.com, you can check out my makeovers under the "makeover" tab! :)

  7. Wow amazes me everything looks beautiful

  8. Visiting via Robyn Story on Facebook. Great page and while I usually keep the paint out of my hair, it's always under my nails and on arm, elbows… When I use black, I think people think I'm a mechanic! Love your page and just sugged via Google Connect. Kitty

  9. I have not gotten into using the paint sprayer yet but that is coming VERY soon. I have so many pieces to finish and I think my hubby will just shoot me if I don't finish them soon. You did a fantastic job. Love all the pieces you did.

  10. That is TOTALLY AWESOME Jessica!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I've totally got to try this in a sprayer now...oh boy!


  11. love all of your fabric choices too! ditto on the paint sprayer...I NEED ONE! we had a cheap one and it broke the first time using it...:0 good thing it was given to us by someone who hadn't ever used it!

  12. Whew! I am pooped! That is fabulous....and I am laughing to myself, because although I don't use a sprayer, I have done similar (over a couple of days) things. I also love Old Ochre. Great coverage....
    One can really does go a long, long, long way....

  13. That's incredible. Now I wish you'd set up a video camera so we could see a speeded up version! Next time...

  14. We haven't broken in our sprayer yet, but I was wondering if you could use ASCP or Cee Cee Caldwells in it. Now I know! Thanks, I look forward to buying my first can of paint and giving it a shot. Thanks, too for your recommendations for the Old Ochre and Paris Gray. Paris Gray it will be for the first go-round!


  15. P.S. Why are the two dining chairs less yellow? Is it because they don't have the wax on them?

    Thank you!!


  16. Wow - you put most of us to shame - people ask me if I ever stop and I only do a couple a day at the most -
    And they're all beautiful

  17. I love love this colour! I don't know if I can get this paint up in Canada, but I'll have to see what substitute we have.
    Incredible you did that many pieces in one day. Way to go!!
    Visiting from The Shabby Creek Cottage :)

  18. Thank you for the shout out, Jessica! I can't believe you did this all in one day! You rock! I am loving the Old Ochre, too! Everything looks fabulous! Thank you for the inspiration! I hope our paths cross again one day soon! Happy painting!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  19. love seeing the many projects and outcomes. Thanks for giving us the lowdown. Found you at Miss Mustard Seed. Stop on over to visit at Quirky Vistas anytime! I'm now following!


  20. WOW---how impressive!! I was wondering if it was possible to use ASCP with a sprayer so now I know....I'm anxious to try (NEVER used the sprayer!). I found you from MMS & now your latest follower. Blessings!

  21. I am impressed. I have never used it because of the expense but this makes it seem much more affordable!

  22. Wow, I impressed. Love each and every piece. check out my ASCP pieces over at Every Little Birdie. Check out these posts, two projects, and ASCP project.

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  24. I featured you on my blog here, http://www.coffeeandtheirkisses.com/2013/03/ten-on-tuesday.html. Have a great day!

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